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Diamond Coated Glass Drill Bits

  • Great product! By Shark keeper on 3/24/14

    Quality product that is well built. I have told others where to order from.
  • 35mm By Roger on 3/18/14

    Worked as advertised. Very happy
  • 45mm By Roger on 3/18/14

    Worked as advertised. Very happy
  • Dimond By Rogert421 on 3/18/14

    Worked as advertised
  • These work great! By Doug on 3/9/14

    These glass drills work great. I hold a wet sponge against it while drilling to keep things cool. The only time I broke anything was when trying to drill tempered glass. Don't try to drill tempered glass!
  • Worked perfect for my use By Ethan on 2/16/14

    I bought one 35mm & one 45mm. I made 2 cuts with the 35mm and 6 cuts with the 45mm. They made pretty clean holes and appear to have held up well - I can't tell that they've even been used.

    I made my cuts with a drill press at a speedy 3100rpm and used a spray bottle with cold water to keep the glass cool and to wash away the debris as it accumulated. The glass I was drilling thru was 3/8" and 5/16" thick.

    Worked like a charm. Very happy with my purchase.
  • Works By Greg on 2/3/14

    Got the 30 mm for nano tank and the bit worked great, drilled very quickly on 10 gallon 1/8 glass tank. i didn't use a guide just started with bit on a angle and gently lifted it up to a vertical position using just the weight of the drill bit.
  • Diamond coated glass drill bit works great! By Doug on 1/30/14

    I had never drilled glass before, only acrylic. I actually experimented and drilled a glass sump tank using a carbide grit hole saw and it worked! I ran a slow RPM with lots of water and no downward pressure. Once I tried this diamond drill bit, I was in love. No more custom ordering drilled tanks and waiting forever to get them. It works great!
  • Easy to Use By Steve on 1/21/14

    I used the 45mm bit for two 1" bulkheads. I laid the tank on it's side, put duck tape over where I wanted to drill to help the bit "catch" and ground away! I worked so well I decided to drill a 3rd hole after the tank was standing up again!
  • Perfect! By Harry on 12/9/13

    Used the 3/4, 1, and 1.5 drill bits and they were easy to use and did exactly what they were supposed to do!

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