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Bulkhead Schedule 80 Thread x Thread

  • Great Quality By Jason R on 2/12/14

    I ordered two 3/4 bulkheads for my sump. One bulkhead seemed to have excess flashing from mold process that required a bit of triming with an exacto knife and wet sandpaper. But well worth the extra few bucks over standard bulkheads.
  • Great product, Heavy duty. By Grizzly on 12/15/13

    Great product, Heavy duty.
  • A bad batch? By Brian on 10/14/13

    I don't even know how to rate this since I know these are usually great and everyone else it happy with them. I am wondering if I got a bad batch of 1" Schedule 80 threaded bulkheads. I have an older 2" that is great never had a problem.
    I recently ordered a 1" to plug a hole in the bottom of my aquarium.
    I could only get the plug to screw in about 1.5 turns on the flange side. On the nut side it went in most of the way. With only 1.5 turn I simply can't trust it to hold water.
    BRS promptly sent me a second as replacement and it was the same. I emailed and someone there said that it is normal. They said it is designed to get tighter as it goes in.. well, that part may be true but I can't imagine it only going in 1.5 turns would be normal.. even with a wrench you can't get these in any further.
    By the way it was not the male part.. I tried other thread while in the hardware store. None seemed to go in properly.
  • Huge By samuel on 7/30/13

    these things are huge and they are built like a tank. i think that the glass in my tank will break way before these things leak
  • nice beefy quality By michael on 7/4/13

    Got two of these to use on my returns, tank had a hole pre-drilled for a 1 inch bulkhead by previous owner. I got the sch 80 3/4 fitting to use the 3/4 locline fitting in the same size hole.
  • Heavy duty By Jeff on 5/4/13

    Very beefy bulkheads. Nice thick gasket. Nice to have when it keeps the water in you tank.
  • Quality By Ryan on 11/14/12

    These bulkheads are the best of the best, just note that the threads are tapered i found out the hard way and put the fittings on so tight i can't get them back off. I would use some teflon paste or tape if I could get them off just for peace of mind but i don't think it is detrimental.
  • Heavy duty By kevin on 8/29/12

    Nice bulkheads...solid construction...a quality product.
  • worth the money By michelle on 2/28/12

    i am so glad i spent the extra money on these. they work perfectly and seem exceptionally durable. I did have to make the hole in my sump bigger to get it to fit, but 10 minutes with a dremel and i was good to go.
  • Great fitting By Daniel on 2/28/12

    These fit great on my AGA reef ready tank. Super heavy duty. Definitely worth the extra few bucks.

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