Bulkhead ABS Thread x Slip (Thread on the Flange/Head side)

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Bulkhead ABS Thread x Slip (Thread on the Flange/Head side)

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12” Bulkhead ABS Thread x Slip
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34” Bulkhead ABS Thread x Slip
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1” Bulkhead ABS Thread x Slip
SKU: 202951
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1 14” Bulkhead ABS Thread x Slip
SKU: 210032
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1 12” Bulkhead ABS Thread x Slip
SKU: 202955
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2” Bulkhead ABS Thread x Slip
SKU: 202959
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  • Works By on 3/10/2017

    Nothing special works
  • Quality By on 9/24/2015

    Went with this bulk head because the bulkheads that came with the overflow kit are cheap! These are good quality bulkheads and I would buy them again! Thanks Bulk Reef Supply!
  • Great Item By on 8/7/2015

    I ordered the wrong one but when the right one came in it was awesome! Fit perfect and sealed tight. No Leaks! Will definitely order from her again!
  • Made my tank leak By on 4/29/2015

    Was leaking from the thread on the back, probably my 6583 times im installing one of these never happened beforr
  • Great product By on 12/30/2013

    I had purchased a used cube aquarium that was previously drilled, and I wasn't sure what bulkhead to buy. I gave the guys at BRS a phone call, and they talked me through the measurements, and made the right recommendation for bulkhead size. I also discussed plumbing my tank for the Herbie method and they ensured that I purchased the slip to slip bulkheads to make plumbing even easier. I give the folks at BRS two thumbs up.
  • amazing !!!!! By on 10/31/2013

    this is hands down the best bulk head slip thread combo

    fits very nice and strong. just installed and thought i was going to break it but it kept going !!!!!!!
  • bulk head By on 8/24/2013

    The company no ship me the bulkheads
  • Great Bulkhead By on 5/20/2013

    I searched the web for bulkheads and decided BRS would be the best option for me. I purchased 3 of the 1" bulkheads and expecting a slightly thin, flimsy piece, I was surprised how solid it is when you are actually handling it. I hand tightened mine and used some channel locks to give it another 1/6-1/4 turn and they didn't strip, crack, or leak. It's been about 4 weeks on a 75g DT and the seals are perfectly set
  • nice value By on 8/5/2012

    After searching around locally for one I found it here. I was worried about the threads but they were not a problem.
  • Did Exactly what I wanted it too By on 7/3/2012

    This Bulkhead was cheep and easty to install. I used it to create a spout out of two rubbermaids that I had as resiviours for my RO/DI unit. Worked great with a streiner and a half inch hose that I use for draining the water into a bucket. I highly recomend these Bulkheads.