Bulkhead ABS Slip x Thread (Slip on the Flange/Head side)

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Bulkhead ABS Slip x Thread (Slip on the Flange/Head side)

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12” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Thread
SKU: 202942
34” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Thread
SKU: 202946
1” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Thread
SKU: 202950
1 14” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Thread
SKU: 210031
1 12” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Thread
SKU: 202954
2” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Thread
SKU: 202958
  • Low profile wet side, good seal By on 4/3/2016

    Perfect for a 'ghost' overflow external box. Thread on the outside, slip on the inside allows for change. Good quality.
  • High Quality By on 1/4/2016

    Purchased several bulkheads from BRS ranging in different sizes and thread/slip. Very pleased. Well built. Never had a leak, but i usually add a small amount of silicone just to be safe. That's my OCD. Tested without silicone and no leaks. I only buy my bulkheads from BRS. If you are looking for a quality bulkhead you will not be disappointed with BRS bulkheads or any of their products. Don't let the price fool you. In this case you get quality at affordable price.
  • Would recommend By on 11/25/2015

    Excellent quality
  • Solid buy for the price By on 2/3/2015

    Used several over couple years and had no issue with leaks, etc. Good bang for the buck.
  • Great parts! By on 1/24/2015

    I bought these for my tank the other day because my old ones finally gave out after 3 years. These are amazing bulkheads and I will never use any other type.
  • threads are a little loose fitting By on 1/22/2015

    I purchased four of the slip thread bulkheads for my 180 and was surprised that the schedule 40 male adapters from Depot did not snug up as tight as they would have in a schedule 40 female adapter. They screwed in straight to the bottom. I wound Teflon tape around them to tighten the threads a bit. I will update on leaks after I pressurize the returns.
  • great product By on 12/3/2014

    These schedule 80 fitting are great I used them on my 29 gal build and now on my 180 build all the box stores have crap great for the price.
  • Nothing but trouble By on 9/12/2014

    I can't believe I'm the only one having this problem according to other reviews, but 5 out of 11 threaded on the non-flange side have split at the seam and leaked. I consider myself half way adept being in the hobby for 12 years. Tightened by hand, paste instead of tape, and two 1/2" and three 1" all splitting on the seam. You really can't see the crack until pumping water through. BRS promotes these as better and heavier duty to normal ABS bulkheads? I'd hate to see how a lesser quality bulkhead holds up. You can see the molding line down the center and that's where each one has cracked. IMO they are cheap and asking for trouble. The first three were just an annoyance since they are on my ATS box over the sump, so dripping isn't a show stopper. The fourth though was on my ghost type overflow requiring draining down the tank, disconnecting hoses, and pulling the box to get it out. My fought for trying to save a few bucks. Schedule 80 on my other tank has never caused any problems. I do not recommend buying the threaded on the non-flange side. If you are trying to save a few bucks like my mistake, at least go slip and cement your fitting instead using screw in fittings.
  • Used on corner-flo tank By on 3/29/2014

    Bought these to replace the stock slip x slip bulkheads that come with the corner-flo system. these arre the lowest cost bulkheads that i could find. the threads fit correctly and i have no leaks.
  • Cheaper than the LFS By on 3/22/2014

    Exactly what I was looking for and its cheaper than the local store!

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