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BRS 5 Stage Water Saver Plus RO/DI System - 150 GPD
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  • BRS 5 Stage Water Saver Plus RO/DI System - 150 GPD
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BRS 5 Stage Water Saver PLUS
RO/DI System - 150GPD

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  • Great product By Travis on 8/19/2014

    Bought this simple got tired of running to buy water. Very easy to install and everything needed for the installation comes with the unit. Had a slight problem with my TDS meter but that was my fault. Once I called BRS the issue was resolved. Their costumer service department is awesome.
  • Simple to install. By Tom on 8/8/2014

    If you are on the fence with these worrying about the install, don't. In under thirty minutes it was hanging on the wall and plumbed into the water lines and flushing the unit. I am disabled and it was a snap. Quality of the build is wonderful. All the connectors are easy to use. Get the tube cutter, makes life easy. Fills a five gallon container to the top in 35 minutes at 80 psi. I looked at many kits and finally went with this water saver system. It is the perfect choice for my use.
  • Good product By Jim on 6/27/2014

    Overall very good quality product. It does what its supposed to do and given good water pressure (mine at 75psi) seems to produce more than 150gpd. I really think BRS needs to spell out "water saver". Output and waste are roughly the same and what it really means is they used lower rejection membranes. That's all fine and well but what that means is higher TDS going to DI unit where the resin gets used up much faster. I don't have a TDS meter on the input side to RO but I'm getting readings of 4-5ppm going into DI.
  • Great and VERY efficient product By stardust2311 on 6/18/2014

    I had been using a "comparable" RO/DI unit for several years. I got tired of the 4:1 waste water ratio even when using a pump. Bought this unit and added the pump, neither of which could have been easier. Right out of the shipping box was installed and running within minutes with no leaks. The ratio is MUCH better, I feel less guilty having so many fish tanks in my desert environment (even though I already used the waste water for watering plants and doing laundry.) I would highly recommend this product.
  • I run an installation and maintenance company and install these units for all my clients By Mr. Fish Tank on 6/8/2014

    I have been installing and using these units for several years now. They are very high quality and the ease of installation and use make these an excellent choice. The last client I installed one of these for is making his first leap into reef keeping and he couldn't be happier with the unit.
  • Great RO/DI system By Anna on 6/5/2014

    We have been using this system for drinking water for the past 6 months and can't be happier. It's very well made, water comes out clean and the pressure is great - it takes me less than 5 minutes to fill up a 1 gallon water jug. It came preassembled and it took us less than 2 minutes to hook it up to our kitchen faucet (we just put it on the counter next to the sink). I'm thinking of getting another one for my mom's.
  • EXCELLENT unit, EXCELLENT performance, EXCELLENT quality By jason c on 4/17/2014

    I just received my 150 GPD water saver unit today, and I had it installed and flushing the filters in about 15 minutes. Super easy to hook up, and the instructions are idiot proof. Right out of the box I could see the high quality of the unit, and filters. I had need running another "top" brand RO/DI for some time now, and the BRS RO is hands down built better. I only have about 47 PSI on the gauge right now, and still getting about 5 gallons an hour. I plan to get the booster pump soon, but even without it im getting lots of water production. MyTDS coming into the unit are 480 and after it passes threw all the stages and di it is 0... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this BRS RO/DI, definitely worth the money. We even plan to use it to make RO water for our 8 month old son. Keep up the great work BRS, you guys ROCK !
  • Awesome RO/DI Unit By Mitchel on 4/7/2014

    I have been using the BRS 5 Stage Water Saver Plus RO/DI System - 150GPD for the past few weeks to produce and this RO/DI really produces water fast. It is probably one of the best purchases that I have made for my reef build. Having RO/DI water on supply prevents trips to the LFS or having to go to the grocery store to get water. TDS is 0 coming out. AWESOME!!!!
  • This is the one By Ben on 3/15/2014

    I have had this thing for over a year now and have yet to change out my resin, filter, membrane and I am still reading 0 TDS. I would not worry about trying to find the best non industrial grade RO/DI filter, because this is the one.
  • Produce 87 GPD @ 58 psi By gaby on 3/15/2014

    I am tired of buying RODI water from local fish store for 50 cents a gallon. I purchase this RODI system after about 1 year of reefing. The 150GPD is theoretical output. With tap water pressure 60 psi in my basement, it takes 16.5 minutes to produce 1 gallon RODI. It is about 87 GPD. The waste water is 8 minutes per gallon so the ratio is of waste and RODI is 2:1. Environmentally speaking, this is much better than other system with 4:1 ratio. I store the waste water to water indoor plants. Note that my water pressure is 60 psi but it reaches the membrane at 58 psi (2 psi was lost in between sediment filter and carbon blocks).
    The first time I setup the system, it is leaking due to broken connector (Elbow NPT Push Connect) - other reviewers report the same thing. I call the customer service and they send me a new one. Initially I set it up connected using chrome faucet adapter but the adapter itself leaks. I try the “Mur-lok EZ angle stop adaptor” to connect under the sink but the plastic thread is so soft and can get easily damaged. Instead of EZ angle adaptor, I order John Guest Angle Stop Valve ($9.99) which I highly recommend. I use it under the laundry sink. No leak. It fits perfectly and it is truly a life saver. It have been producing 50 gallons RODI today.

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