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BRS Bulk Fiji Dry Live Rock - 50LB Box

SKU: 000710

  • Great looking rock! By Greg on 4/12/14

    Still curing it but looks really promising. Cool shapes and nice an porous!
  • Base rock By Paul on 4/1/14

    Package came well protected but there were a few small pieces that are useless. Most of the rock is ok and is only usable as base rock.
  • love it By reef geek on 3/14/14

    love this dry rock its been in my tank for almost a year and has been growing nice purple coraline algae since it cycled wouldnt buy live rock again this is the way to go folks! i bought to boxs thought i got way to much but have a fair amount to start another tank now as well!
  • Nice selection of Rocks By Patrick on 1/25/14

    Getting ready to setup a second tank with Bulk Fiji rock. Always surprised by the nice selection of rocks that are included in the bulk box.
  • Exactly What Was Promised. By JJRaws on 1/13/14

    This product arrived exactly as I had hoped. There were roughly 10-12 pieces of smaller to medium size rock. There rock didn't have much dead/dried life to remove which saved me time for prepping the cure. I received a lot of unique pieces and some not so unique pieces for base rock. Overall, I would recommend and was happy with what arrived.
  • Well worth it! By Trub on 12/29/13

    Picked up this rock to replace some smaller pieces in existing aquarium. Was received in excellent condition, with very little fragmentation. Very happy with purchase.
  • Great Rocks By Derek on 12/16/13

    I ordered 150 pounds and for some amazing rocks. There were little to no breaks in the rock. I have it all curing now.
  • Great Looking, but 2 pieces = 50 lbs By Bert on 12/12/13

    Love the look and complexity of this rock and appreciate the discount getting a "50 lb box", but I literally received 2 pieces -- one about 35 lbs that is so big I'm going to have to figure out how to create smaller pieces from it. The second piece is WONDERFULLY complex. I think the net is, if I were to do it again, I'd pay the little extra per pound and have it hand selected to more match usable sizes that I received from BRS with my Tonga Shelf, Single Branch and Complex Multi-Branch.
  • Exceptionally well packaged and great selection By shane on 11/27/13

    I was completely surprised when I found the box on the steps. It is a heavy cardboard box packed full of foam peanuts around a plastic bag containing the rock. Almost no rubble in the bag means there was no damage and the rock selection was great.
  • Epic Buy By Kristopher on 11/25/13

    The rock at my lfs is well over $6 a pound, and its not even fully cured yet. Im still fighting an algal bloom caused by their supposed "Fully cured rock". I decided to take it upon myself and order this package and cure the rock myself, and its magnificent.

    Three weeks in a 50 gallon rubbermaid container with water changed every two days and in five short weeks I had 0 phosphates in the water and another two weeks in once seeded, and the entire collection has coralline algae pock marking the entire surface. Coupled with the reef rubble (also cured and seeded) and I way more than enough to fill my newest 70 gallon reef tank and sump.

    The rock itself came in various shapes and sizes with lots of caverns, holes and an overall nice porousity and hand weight. Good mix of shapes and sizes, with a few large pieces that would not fit into a smaller tank - though these can easily be broken with a hammer/chisel, or put into a bag and smashed on the concrete floor.

    Either way, Epic buy all the way around. Thanks BRS!

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