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BRS Bulk Fiji Dry Live Rock - 50LB Box

SKU: 000710

  • This rock is great By George on 7/9/2014

    I ordered this product on July 3rd and just got it today. With all the reviews being mixed I was eager to see what I was gonna be receiving. my order was packed very well and handled properly to my surprise I work for a shipping company very little damage maybe a handful of ruble the rock I received was better than I was expecting got a huge piece with a tunnel running through it the smallest piece was the size of a softball I can't wait to aqua scape my 150 tall dt do yourself a favor and order this you won't be disappointed
  • Only good for sump By Paul on 6/26/2014

    I wouldn't waste my money. I have 50 pounds of dry rock ruble. The largest piece is the size of a soft ball. I went off BRS's overview and it is totally incorrect. The only way possible to aquascape is to have a pile of rubble, so if you consider that aquascapeing then I guess it would be the easiest to aquascape with. This is the only purchase I've been disappointed with from BRS. I will continue to use Marco rock. You actually get pieces you can aquascape with.
  • A great deal By friartuck on 6/7/2014

    Ordered this 50lb box. Got a little more than that (thanks BRS!) Got several huge pieces, some mid sized and a few smaller. Was exactly what I needed for my 50g tank set up. I've had a ton of issues with wet live rock- nudis, aiptasia, other assorted horrors. This rock appealed to me because I didn't have to worry about that stuff one bit. The rock came pretty clean too. I thought having to cure it would be a bummer- but as per BRS's recommendation- I put a little BioSpira in and the rocks cycled nicely.
  • Great value By Nicholas on 5/30/2014

    This is a great value. Can't beat the price compared to LFS.

    I was really happy with the purchase. After I ordered I was concerned about the pieces I would receive. The pieces came in unbroken and a nice mix of different shapes and sizes. There was even some coloring on the rocks that looks like it will come back to life in my tank.

    Only thing I would have liked to see is some longer, flatter pieces to make more overhangs.
  • Very good By John on 5/5/2014

    I was just what I needed.
  • Not what I expected By Ryan on 4/18/2014

    I bought 100 lbs of this stuff and 90% of the rocks are the size of a softball. I probably got 1 piece the size of a football and the rest is small pieces. No way to make bridges or three islands across the tanks, basically a mound of rock in the back half of the tank. This is the first purchase from BRS that I have been disappointed with.
  • Great looking rock! By Greg on 4/12/2014

    Still curing it but looks really promising. Cool shapes and nice an porous!
  • Base rock By Paul on 4/1/2014

    Package came well protected but there were a few small pieces that are useless. Most of the rock is ok and is only usable as base rock.
  • love it By reef geek on 3/14/2014

    love this dry rock its been in my tank for almost a year and has been growing nice purple coraline algae since it cycled wouldnt buy live rock again this is the way to go folks! i bought to boxs thought i got way to much but have a fair amount to start another tank now as well!
  • Nice selection of Rocks By Patrick on 1/25/2014

    Getting ready to setup a second tank with Bulk Fiji rock. Always surprised by the nice selection of rocks that are included in the bulk box.

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