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BRS Bulk Fiji Dry Live Rock - 50LB Box

BRS Bulk Fiji Dry Live Rock - 50LB Box
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  • BRS Bulk Fiji Dry Live Rock - 50LB Box

BRS Bulk Fiji Dry Live Rock - 50LB Box

SKU: 000710
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  • VERY NICE!!!!! By Abigail'sReef on 4/16/2015

    This is very nice rock! Very porous, and has lots of dead algae, et cetera + a dead crab! Awesome nooks, holes, and caves. :)
  • Exactly what you would expect. By Adam on 4/16/2015

    It's what you would expect, but you may want to cure or pressure wash this rock before putting it in your tank.
  • Decent choice By Tony on 4/11/2015

    I ordered this rock to start my 55 gallon tank. BRS shipping is amazing, i received my order in 2 days.

    As for the rock, there is a great selection of sizes (even large enough i can not fit it in my acrylic tank) the look of Fiji is awesome. but the down side and the reason i am only giving it a 3 star rating is the amount of dead organisms on it, and what look to be the sign of dried up bubble algae. I have had it curing for almost 3 weeks and the ammonia is still off the charts. been doing 50-75% water changes and scrubbing the "bad" off the rock.

    In the end i have decided to push the Fiji off to the side and buy Reef Saver rock.
  • BETTER THAN THE PICTURE!!!!!!! By Abby'sReefTank on 4/9/2015

    The rock I received was awesome!!!!! It looks even better than the picture depicts it!!!!! There were so many crevices and holes, and the rocks took on many different shapes. I was able to make overhangs and caves...there was even a dead crab in one of the holes...
  • Excellent By Kathy on 3/22/2015

    I received the 50lb box of Fiji Dry Live Rock, great assortment of pieces. All good sizes, they look great in my tank. I will definitely do business with BRS again!
  • Excellent By Atlchris on 3/15/2015

    This product shipped fast. When it arrived, it was packed very nicely. I had a wide variety of pieces (large and small). My new tank looks great!
  • Well packaged assorted sizes By Brian on 1/23/2015

    The rock shipped well packaged to prevent a lot of dust and frags. Most of the pieces were about softball sized, with some cool larger pieces included. Great value to buy it this way.
  • Excellent buy. No regrets. By Geofame on 12/25/2014

    I was initially hesitant to buy a box of rock where I couldn't pick and choose what goes in my tank, but I took the chance and I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you BRS for restoring my faith in that there are still companies out there that you can trust to get quality out of blind faith. I will be ordering from them again soon.
  • Very happy with the product and service. By Paul on 12/6/2014

    This is my first order with BRS and there will be many more. I was a little nervous ordering dry rock as you hear the occasional horror story about someone recieving a box of gravel. I was relieved to find 5 nice sized pieces weighing in at 21.5 lbs with very little rubble. It was well packed and the pieces had great shape with lots of nooks and caves. Thank you BRS!
  • Best rock ever purchased!! By Roger on 12/3/2014

    I purchased this rock when setting up my tank and didn't need to spend countless hours on trying to figure out a aquascape. It's was super easy to structure, and is very porus. I will definatly be purchasing more in the future.

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