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EcoTech Marine Radion LED Hanging Kit Package
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  • EcoTech Marine Radion LED Hanging Kit Package
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EcoTech Marine Radion LED Hanging Kit

SKU: 300247

  • Spend the $ for this quality addition to a quality fixture! By Randy on 4/7/14

    I went to some hardware stores to find cable and components, there's no comparison to these kits. The push-button height adjuster is PERFECT for an even/level hang. One word of advice before drilling into your ceiling... use a plumb bob to get a perfect fit over your tank.
  • Only way to go! By Kav on 3/3/14

    Got 2 radions, got 2 mp10's this is the only way to go! Slim sleek SS lines. DO IT NOW!
  • #ok By Steven on 2/22/14

    for 45$ i think this should have came with everything you needed to mount, did not come with the screws to mount to wall/ceiling. After having to run to the hardware store mid way through set up got everything done and is doing its job. Would recommend going with the Geismann or simalar setup to mount of off wall instead of ceiling, but thats just my openion. overall good kit just was kinda shocked didnt have mounting hardware.
  • Excellent Product!! By Erndog on 9/5/13

    Look. You just spent a ton on the light(s) Don't get cheap on what you hang them with. This is an absolutely brilliantly designed hanger. All stainless steel parts and sooooo easy to install
    Spend the extra $45 You won't be sorry
  • Makes hanging lights so simple By Carl on 8/8/13

    If you buy the radions I would buy these to go with it. They are easily adjustable as well
  • EASY + GREAT By Sloe37 on 3/8/13

    So easy to install keeps my light looking clean and near. would definitely recommend this if you own the Radion LED system.Thanks BRS!!!!
  • Cool looking and very user friendly By Shaun on 2/28/13

    Wouldn't hang my radion's any other way ,easy too use and adjust height.
  • Just do it By Edward on 2/22/13

    I know its expensive, and the light is already expensive enough - so this is a painful extra bit of change, but it is worth it. It is a very, very high quality piece of kit, and if you piece out the parts at a hardware store, you will end up spending 20 or 30 bucks anyway for something with an inferior fit and finish.

    I will say, the hanging kit hardware adds a couple inches in case you are building a canopy so be sure to account for that in your measurements.
  • Really cool looking By HeatheN on 9/18/12

    I ordered this hanging kit with my Radion Led. It hangs over my 30 gal "Little" Reef inside a bookshelf in my office. This hanging kit was very easy to install and looks very professional!
  • Thumbs up! By Steve on 8/14/12

    This is easy and nice looking way to hang your lights.

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