Koralia SmartWave Controller - Hydor

Koralia SmartWave Controller
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  • Koralia SmartWave Controller

Koralia SmartWave Controller - Hydor

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  • works just fine By on 4/7/2016

    the controller works as it should,,,my only problem is thea when it starts powerheads (even Hydor) the "click" of the powerheads start is loud and annoying,,,each and everytime
  • controls pumps in 2 tanks no problems By on 4/22/2015

  • Too easy to use By on 1/28/2015

    This is a very simply and effective controller for the price. It gets the job done!
  • Wish I'd saved the money By on 12/29/2014

    I bought this unit with a pair of nano 425 pumps. The controller has been working fine fore ~4 months now, and seems to be well built.

    My issues are 1) You get either synch or switch and a period. This was my fault for not reading more about it before ordering, but for the price I expected a little more. 2) My unit has very loud relays in it. The pumps themselves are very noisy switching on/off, but the smartwave also makes a loud "clunk" when it switches a pump on. 3) The power leads are very inconvenient. It would be a huge improvement if the two pump leads were just regular receptacles on the bottom of the unit. As is the leads are stiff and a bit of a pain if you want to plug in a power strip instead of just a powerhead.

    Looking back on it I wish I'd just bucked up for a vortech or some other DC pump with variable speed.
  • Good Beginners Wavemaker By on 7/22/2014

    I have some loud clicking when the larger hydor pumps initiate. Not an issue with the wavemaker (this product) itself, but the inexpensive pump. This product does what it says it'll do. I've been using it for about 10 months now with no issues. I have it runner a couple of hydor pumps in my 70 gallon basement sump where the loud clicking isn't an issue for me.
  • Great for the price By on 3/27/2014

    Does as advertised and is a great price compared to the competition.
  • jekyll and hyde By on 2/13/2014

    How do I rate a product that works but not with products from the same company. The controller does it's job, but the koralia nano powerheads start in reverse 80% of the time. Why release a product that doesn't work with what you sell.....
  • Plug N' Play By on 2/6/2014

    Extremely easy to use and achieved the wave-like motion I wanted.
  • great switch By on 2/1/2014

    Profuct works as advertised. I wish it had a RANDOM setting that would not make it so rhythmic. The product seems well built and does what its supposed to
  • Quick Easy and Effective By on 12/8/2013

    I am using this to run two 600 gph pumps and its giving my 75 gallon tank all the current it needs. Easy to set up and offers several wave modes.

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