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Cobalt MJ1200 Powerhead

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Cobalt MJ1200 Powerhead

SKU: 210504
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  • Great pump By CB on 2/5/2015

    Using as a return pump on my 29g Biocube. Very quite can't hear it over MP-10 or skimmer.
  • Good small pump By Mondo on 2/4/2015

    I use it for my gfo carbon reactor. And to do water changed when I pump new water back into tank. Works well.
  • better than the Marineland MJ1200 By Ken on 1/25/2015

    I have noticed the quality of the Marineland pumps has been going down. I use them for mixing and pumping my new water. (1/2 inch ID hose fits perfectly). I took a chance and ordered the Cobalt and am happy i did. They are quieter and seem better built so far.
  • Quality and Performance By Craig on 1/16/2015

    I purchased this power head to power my BRS dual reactor. When I purchased it I though well if it's not strong enough to drive the dual reactor I'll use it for dipping coral. Well need less to say its to powerful for that. It drive the dual with no problems, and ad a matter of fact I had to dial it back quite a bit to get the flow correct for the GFO
  • So quiet By Josh on 12/15/2014

    it is soooo quiet
  • Love these pumps. By Despairodyne on 11/26/2014

    I have about 6 of these atm and use them for transferring salt water and ro/di water from containers to tanks and to stir my salt making bucket.

    If the Sicce pump I bought for my Nuvo 16 isn't quiet enough, I'm going to split the returns and use the smaller Cobalt MJ's.

    Well worth the price.
  • beware leaking voltage By jonathan on 9/27/2014

    i had this pump running for 7 months feeding a reactor on my 75g, when i started having coral die. i tested and found it was leaking 110v into my tank!!!

    i lost a bunch of sps and ricordia thanks to this pump...

    use at your own risk....

    i bought a dc pump to feed my return, reactor, and skimmer. months later i once again have sps and ricordia thriving. this pump cost me a bunch of beautiful coral and money.
  • Super quiet! By perry on 7/22/2014

    the pump is one of the quiet things i have running on my system. I use it to run water throughout my UV sterilizer and it returns the water to the tank with no problem.
  • Really quiet, really powerful By Adam on 6/4/2014

    I've only had the MJ1200 for a couple of days, but so far I'm really impressed. I see more in my future.
  • Great power head, good pump By Devon on 5/19/2014

    I got this MJ1200 to use with the BRS canister reactor with carbon. It works very well and is the quietest pump I own.

    I also tried using it as a sump return because I wanted to reduce the return pump noise, but the flow rate drops to 50% with only 2 foot head pressure.

    I may end up using two as returns because they would still be quieter than one mag drive 3.

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