BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor – Deluxe

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BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor – Deluxe

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BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor – Deluxe
SKU: 204182
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BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor – Deluxe with MJ1200 Pump
SKU: 300182
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  • -carbon-and-gfo-reactors/ By Steve on 8/30/2015

    The best reactors i have seen in the market easy to setup
  • Great reactor! By Mrs.Woz on 8/23/2015

    This is the best reactor we have found. It's easy to set up and use, and can easily be taken apart to refill. Everything we have purchased from BRS has been of great quality, and the accompanying videos make set up and use very simple.
  • Awesome simple designs By Shawn on 8/16/2015

    Great product, easy install, does exactly what you would expect and take up little room in the sump. Great idea for those sumps out there. At first was disappointed I didn't get the pump but than figured out I was never charged. Than was lucky I had a extra rio pump from a uv unit that fit it perfectly, might even put a T connecter to run both units. Keep up the good work with little gimmick of plastic s@$& that snaps.
  • Well worth the extra money By Charles on 7/10/2015

    I had purchased my first reactor form another online supplier. From the first day I used I didn't like the build quality. The mounting bracket seemed too fragile and the cartridge seal is not the greatest. I bought the deluxe reactor to replace it. This reactor is far better than my other one. The one piece mounting bracket alone is worth the extra cost. I also bought an addition media cartridge. Now I can change out my GFO and Carbon faster.
  • Best media reactor bar none By Varyhare on 7/9/2015

    I've tried most and decided to try BRS's media reactor because of the OD connections which have never failed me on my RO/DI unit. This reactor tumbles perfectly. Only thing, get the Sicce 1.5 and go to HD and get the 1/2" OD X 1/2" MIP adapter item PL-3036 before you attempt the install. You will not be disappointed with the setup.
  • Get the Sicce pump By John on 5/3/2015

    Great product and very easy to install. Water looks crystal clear. However, the pump was very loud and I ended up buying the Sicce pump within days to replace it. The Sicce pump is dead silent.
  • Great unit. By Garbear on 4/13/2015

    Everything in the kit, is all you need to set this up, but you do need to supply your own screws for mounting the unit on the wall/cabinet. It also would have been helpful for some additional info on how much carbon to add in unit, but the video is very helpful in answering a lot of the questions I had.
  • Works Great By Glenn on 4/13/2015

    I have purchased two of these now. One for GFO and one for GAC, both work great and is easy to service.
  • Great product By GARY on 4/13/2015

    Real easy to use,and service . Holds a lot of media.
  • Good By John on 4/11/2015

    Just ordered a second unit to run carbon -- first one works well with BRS HC GFO. I don't use the included sponges, though: they clog way too easily, and it takes a big pump to overcome the back pressure. I Tee'd the reactor off the MJ900 that feeds my skimmer and have plenty of flow to fluidize GFO. One minor issue that isn't really a big problem: the reactor takes on air somehow...I think the air release button is actually letting air in.

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