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BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor – Deluxe

  • Great quality By Keith on 4/21/14

    The quality and ease of use on this was so good. I ordered a second one. Mounting this was a snap and having a separate media cartridge makes it sooooo ease to change. The second one is going to replace my Vertex reactor.
  • Great deal By John on 4/21/14

    I like this combo has everything you need to start your GFO/Carbon. the canister makes GFO changes easy.
  • Great product By Matt on 4/17/14

    Love it. I use two, one for Gfo and one for carbon. My only complaint is that it can be difficult to clean.
  • Nicely built! By Lionel on 4/10/14

    Beautiful reactor! Very good price for the quality of the product. Running GFO, it brought my phosphates down to undetectable levels within 3 days.
    Paired with the MJ pump, it's just about silent.
    Should have bought one of these from the beginning!
  • Great reactor By David Martin on 4/9/14

    I have one for GFO and one for Carbon, both run off of a manifold supplied by my return pump. Only thing I would possiby change is a gate valve instead of the ball valve. Would make adjusting flow a little easier. Great unit.
  • Outstanding reactor By KEVIN on 4/2/14

    Works very well as my gfo reactor. Paired with the mj1200 it tumbles perfectly. Easy set up everything included
  • Much better than what I had By ReefCarl on 3/30/14

    Prior to purchasing the BRS reactor, I was using a "Two Little Fishies" unit that worked OK. It was a bit oversized for my aquarium and was taking up too much space in my cabinet, so I wanted something more compact.

    The BRS unit is very well constructed and high quality all around. It was easy to assemble and start. I have not had to change the media yet, but it looks like it will be much easier to do than the TLF unit that I have replaced.
  • Great Quality Product By John on 3/22/14

    The construction is of the best which is why I purchased this item. As soon as I hook everything up it should drop my phosphates down without any issues. The pump they recommended works like a charm and is also pretty quite.
  • Great quality product By jayD on 3/21/14

    After watching the episodes on BRS tv about reactors I chose to get two of these. One of for GFO and the other for carbon. I've been running these for about a year now with no problem. The paired MJ pumps are reliable and the reactors them selves are solid and of very good build quality. They are easy to work with when changing out the media. Great product!!!!
  • BRS GFO & CARBON REACTOR – DELUXE By James on 3/18/14

    This product is great. I love it. I wish I brought it sooner.

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