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BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor – Deluxe

  • Works very well By Orlando on 9/29/2014

    I used this with both gfo and carbon media. Works great, but make sure you push those hoses in all the way!
  • pump leaked voltage.... By jonathan on 9/27/2014

    i bought this reactor set. the reactor is top notch, and i would buy it again. the pump.... not so much.

    i had my reactor / pump set running on my 75g for 7 months, when i started having coral die. i lost most of my sps and a dozen ricordia. i tested, and found i had voltage in my tank!!!

    the pump leaked 110 v into my tank!!! i tossed it, and bought a dc pump. i ran the return, reactor, and skimmer off the same dc pump. several months later, i once again have sps and ricordia thriving.

    so... reactor is great, but the pump tazed my tank....

    the reactor is the only reason i gave it any stars. i lost a bunch of beautiful coral and money because of that pump.

    i would buy the reactor again.... and toss the pump....
  • I love this kit By JR on 8/20/2014

    Helped turn around my phosphate issues quickly and the entire setup is super quiet. Easy install and holds good pressure from sump, through chamber, and and return. I have it setup as part of my main sump return and going up at least 40" and it works great (20 gallon reef with 5.5g sump. The only downside in my option is the piping it comes with. It's super rigid (good thing), but tough to work with if you're using it as a return like me and un-coil, lol. On the other hand the push type fittings are SUPER strong and totally prevents any leakage. I just routed my piping with PVC instead and used the same fittings. SUPER PRODUCT!
  • Great reactors, but beware of the hard tubing By Bert on 6/19/2014

    As ususal, great quality by BRS, and the design is similar to their rock-solid RODI units. I have two of these reactors, one for GFO and the other for ROX Carbon. Taking the canisters on and off for replacing media is simple and the selling point for me on these was the internal canister that makes media exchange quick and easy.

    On the downside unfortunately, is BRS' choice to use 1/2" Mur-lok tubing which is so stiff, it makes placement of these reactors a challenge in tight spaces. BRS provides extra angle and a straight adapter, but still, if you don't have precise 90-degree bends, you can be in for problems getting this to work -- and not create leaks at the connections. If you want to drive 2 of these reactors off a single pump as I did, you'll have to do a lot of looking for a T-connector that works with this tubing -- no Lowes, Home Depot, or Ace Hardware had the right type in my major metropolitan area, so I had to search Amazon, buy several types, to eventually find one that would work. Similarly, if you don't use a Cobalt MJ1200 recommended by BRS to drive this (it would push directly into the provided straight-line connector), you're basically stuck, again, having to search for a way to connect flexible tubing to this solid Mur-lok tubing -- those connectors too, are even more difficult to find, but I eventually found a package of 10 (only needed 1) straight-line to barb connector that is designed to work with this size tubing and I now have flexible silicon tube running from my pump to the T and up to both reactors.

    Customers should consider how this 1/2" OD almost inflexible tubing may or may not work in your situation, and BRS would serve their customers even better by offering the appropriate Mur-lok adapters for sale on their site that are necessary to connect two of these up in a T format, as well as to utilize flexible tubing if needed. This would have saved me more than $30 in wrong-size and additional adapters I had to purchase through the net, as well as sped-up my installation time by more than 2-weeks of frustrating trial-and-error.
  • Just guaoooo By Daniel on 6/4/2014

    Had a problem with algae and algae and in literately two day it cut the algae in half and by day five no more algae... Incredible!!!
  • Excellent product! By Tyler on 5/30/2014

    Excellent product! Easy to use and clean. I've had it up and running for about six month and haven't had a problem. Great for running carbon and gfo. The construction of this product is very impressive. I see it lasting a very long time!
  • 28 gal. nano By charles on 5/12/2014

    bought the deluxe because it's black like my cabinet. had it running only a few days,but seems to work fine.i'm running carbon and gfo mixed.hope to replace chempure and puragin,with doe's seem like a very little media when using per instructions for est.25 gal. of water.hope it doe's the trick.
  • Deluxe GFO Reactor By Śruba on 5/10/2014

    Great product well mad.
    I'm running it with a sicce syncra 0.5 pump. It's the smallest one it's about 185 gph pump.
    Both work well together.
  • Bought 2 By Tom F on 5/5/2014

    As per the recommendation I am packing GFO and Carbon and I am very pleased with the result. I bought 2 of these and a spare insert so that I can swap out when I need to without having too much down time. Very clean and neat. A breeze to install under the tank.
  • great product By Raul on 5/2/2014

    I bought this reactor after doing lots of research. i was having an algae problem and my phosphates where very high. connecting it was very easy and after a day or so my phosphates where undetectable with a Hanna checker. thanks again brs

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