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BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor – Dual

  • Great Reactor By Benjamin on 4/10/14

    I've had these up and running for a good month now with no problems. They were a little bit bulkier than I thought, and I foresee the possibility of the plastic bracket failing in the future.
  • Needs some tweaking to avoid clogging if you run a lot of media. By Brennen on 3/26/14

    This is a nice reactor. For my 80 gallon system with standard GFO and high bio-load it is difficult to tumble standard GFO in here without it leaving the reactor into my sump. I recommend switching the carbon to run first and GFO second. Otherwise the large amount GFO tumbles into the carbon section and clogs it within two days. I had to cut out the bottom and top of the carbon section to increase flow to tumble the GFO better in the second chamber. I basically made the plastic inserts a little wider on the intake to get better flow to avoid clogging. I cut the bottom on the 2nd chamber also but left the top alone on the exit. I have it setup now to were it never clogs. There are some good YouTube video mods if you run into this challenge like I did. Always rinse the first chamber with the second chamber empty. Then take out the second chamber put in the media and rinse that chamber and your good to go. This will save you a lot of hassle. Rinsing the carbon into tumbling GFO is a bad idea if you run them reverse like I do. Also if you run this standard rinsing GFO into the carbon side will make it clog easier. Rinse them separately starting with the first chamber. Tanks over 100 gallons, use two separate reactors. Or run this with one with an additional single reactor for extra GFO. This will allow you to tumble them properly using standard grade, unless you are willing to pay extra for high grade media.
  • Don't over think it. Buy this one By G$ on 3/26/14

    It does what you need it to. Nothing stupid about the design. I powered it with an old max jet 900 I had. Works great. GFO and nitrate sponge for me. You could use it for anything I think
  • Easy to use By Jon on 3/21/14

    I bought the one with the pump. It works flawlessly. Takes a little bit getting use to dialing it in just right to get the GFO tumbling just right but once you do that it is one of the best investments I have made into my take.
  • Great product, good price. By Sean on 3/20/14

    I got the Dual reactor with Cobalt pump. Very nicely built and a great price for the entire setup. Everything you need is included.
  • plastic bracket does not hold. Order item # 200004 By Doug on 3/18/14

    When I first installed this item, the canisters were not vertically level and were on a crazy tilt. I had to stick a piece of wood behind it because the plastic bracket just gave way to to much of a bend and the liquids did not circulate as well as I wanted.

    I called up BRS and they told me about item # 200004. Its a medal dual bracket that fits the dual reactor and is very sturdy. I installed it and everything is working perfectly and I don't need to worry about how well everything is mixing.

    Thanks BRS
  • Great reactor By Judith on 3/17/14

    Definitely solidly built, easy to change media, and like the long hose. Wish it had a hang on the back option though.
  • grate product By andrew on 3/17/14

    I would buy from bulkreef any time and would recommend it to anyone starting off. good quality product with fast response to any questions you have. Great work guys keep it up i am looking forward on buying more in the future thanks
  • Perfect Reactor By James on 3/12/14

    This is the perfect reactor for any tank that uses 2 cuos or less of gfo and carbon so easy to clean and change media makes my life easier and my reef beautiful!!! Way to go BRS!!!!!
  • Very Nice Product By Garrick on 3/12/14

    I agree with the other reviews about the bracket but it works fine. Everything was easy to install and the pump is quite.

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