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BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor – Dual

  • As advertised. By GARY on 10/27/2014

    Ordered this and some standard GFO, act. Carbon and the Hannah low range Phosphate test kit. Upon installation my phosphates read .06. I tested again 24 hours later and it read 0.00

    Had it up and running in about 20 minutes which including mounting on wall next to sump.

    NO LEAKS, with the proven slip lock configure. No issues whatsoever.

    It is now integrated with my apex controller.
  • Good and bad By Reefer4ever on 10/19/2014

    Everything is great although the second reactor will not stay full of water. I have bled the air off many times, checked the seal to ensure its free of any debris. Very frustrated as it does not look good with the second chamber the way it is. I pride my tank on how neat and beautiful every part is (wiring, hard lines, softlines, lighting, controllers etc). Someone HELP! Please
  • High Quality By Daniel on 10/16/2014

    First reactor I've used/owned...but I did a ton of research. I have to say, if you want to do it right...have a crisp look...and good a nice bundle. This is it. The unit itself just looks sharp...very neatly put together...handling it feels great too. The fittings are nice, I like the high quality quick lock fittings. I got the pump get more than a get the whole pump in retail packing, with tons of mounting options. I personally mounted it to the side of my sump with 3 suction cups, and used the supplied strainer so large debris doesn't enter the pump...I didn't expect to get all of these goods...the operation is near silent, which is wonderful. Included ball valve is easy to adjust, and flow is good throughout the unit.

    One thing I will mention, I didn't push the fittings together enough the first go around. You really really have to push the fittings together or you'll have leaks. Once I did that, dry as a bone. The tubing is semi-hard tube. You can flex it back to a straight enough form even though it comes curled up. Mounting bracket is firm, but has a little flex once the unit fills with should hold, but you may want to add a rear support for the canisters to rest on, so that the bracket isn't "bending"
  • Great product By Brian on 10/6/2014

    So far so good. Setup was easy and fast. The MJ pump is very quiet and that is huge to me. Installing carbon and GFO is easy and I'm looking forward to the results it brings to my tank. As always props to BRS on fast shipping!
  • Great Quality By Ben on 10/4/2014

    Purchased this a few months ago. Once again very happy with the quality of BRS products. I picked it up to replace some other name brand reactors because I hated how the top fit on and cleaning was a pain. These reactors are far superior. I love the inner tube... makes cleaning a piece of cake. The standard BRS twist on canister is a beast and I have no concerns about under tightening or breaking anything. Best reactors out there.
  • great product and easy to set up! By perry on 9/12/2014

    This is a great product I orders the one with the MJ1200 pump and it was supper easy to set up I have had no problem with it at all for the time I have had it.
  • Great Product By Todd on 9/6/2014

    I Have become a fan of all the BRS Brand products they work as intended and are a great value. I run a Carbon/GFO blend with good results per another one of BRS great recommendations. I would recommend this company to anyone that wants value for there money and great customer service! I am always amazed how fast I receive my orders.
  • Great carbon/gfo reactor By dbh on 8/31/2014

    Set up is easy, works great. I found that leaving all sponges/filers out of the gfo side is the way to go, I originally had one at the top of the gfo, after a week that one sponge/filer plugged. Took it out and it made it work 10 times better. Hopefully it doesn't plug the next sponge/filter in line (carbon side), time will tell. Also found that by letting it hang crooked also let's the gfo tumble in a rotating motion. In my opinion it works even better crooked.
  • quality built, product By Ivan on 8/26/2014

    this is a simple quality product that works, gfo in one, carbon in one,
    use the valve to regulate the gfo so it doesn't grind and your pretty well set.
  • Great product, works as advertised. By Gary on 8/22/2014

    Assembly was easy and the instructions on the BRS were excellent. Keep up the good work!

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