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BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor – Dual

  • Works great By George on 12/15/2014

    Great value and works really well. Its also really easy to change the media which is an added plus.
  • easy media exchange By Michael on 12/13/2014

    For the price how can you go wrong fro easy media exchange. Very simple to hook up and install on wall or in stand.
  • Easy to maintain By Roger on 12/12/2014

    i love how easy it is to switch my media with this reactor. easy to install and can be hung inside of your stand, for the price how can you go wrong!!!!!
  • Great product By Craig on 12/11/2014

    I setup up the product in about 10 minutes because it is not mounted in my cabinet yet. Everything is very good quality and easy to use. I would recommend to anyone and sure I will buy another down the road for my other tank.
  • top can be removed By blazen on 12/9/2014

    I was a little concerned about the size of the dual reactor as I am almost totally out of space under my tank,, thankfully you can remove the hanging bracket on this witch is large,, requires removing 4 plastic screws, and it fit perfectly were I needed it to, quality is really good as all BRS products are, does its job and my tank thanks them.
  • great for compact system By justyn on 12/4/2014

    If your tight with space, or need extra media to run this is a great reactor for your system. Carbon and gfo is the back bone of media to my system and it works great. Easy to install and easy to maintain. I love this this unit.
  • Difficult to set up and maintain By Adam on 12/3/2014

    Let me preface this review by saying that this is the first reactor I've ever owned, so I don't have any reference to go by. That said, I think my experience is probably worth sharing.

    First, I'll speak to the pros of this kit. If you run GFO at the recommended amount, this will take your phosphates to zero in 24 hours. Secondly, it's well-built and sturdy, and the tool they provide for unscrewing the canisters is super-helpful.

    Now for the bad. When I set it up initially it didn't come with enough hose. I don't have a sump, so this is understandable, but I had to go to Home Depot and purchase 6' or so of hose to run the plumbing to and from the tank.

    Secondly, you need to be very careful with the quick-connect fittings. I removed the hose from the fitting at one point, since the provided hose was too short, I unknowingly dislodged all of the rubber o-rings inside the fittings. When I finally turned the unit on, water was squirting everywhere! What a mess. It took me a few hours of frustrating and wet troubleshooting to find out what the problem was and fix it.

    The biggest weakness is that eventually the carbon and GFO (I'm using the BRS stuff) will turn into a brick after 2-3 weeks of running. You'll notice the GFO stop tumbling and the flow coming from the return will slow to a trickle, since the water cannot pass through the media. Cleaning the canisters is a messy job. You have to bang the thing until the brick breaks into chunks and slides out. Then you have to wash out all the residual media and other junk.

    I've also burned out one of the provided MJ pumps when the media turned into a stone. I don't think it was helped by the fact that the restrictor valve had to be almost completely closed in order to keep the GFO from over-tumbling, which puts a lot of back-pressure on the pump. That pump lasted under 2 months, and I blame the reactor design, although had I changed the media earlier this may not have happened.

    Probably wouldn't buy this again. Since my tank is 55g, I definitely don't need the dual reactor. I would probably buy the single reactor and mix the carbon and gfo, which would have sufficed for my needs, although based on my experience with the BRS unit, I'd be eager to try a different brand.
  • Great Product, easy setup By Cliff on 12/1/2014

    I've been using the dual reactor for around 7 months with great success. The GFO takes care of my phosphates and the carbon helps polish the water to a crystal clear. I would have given it 5 stars , but I do seem to be having an issue keeping the carbon to the top of the canister using the circular filter pads. After a bit it tends to slide down. Doesn't seem to cause any issues, so I haven't gotten around to trying to correct it. Still, I highly recommend this to any reefer.
  • Dual Reactor By Michael on 11/28/2014

    Great product, easy setup started working right away. NO LEAKS!
  • convenience By mcbridepcm on 11/23/2014

    I like that it convenience and easy use of GFO, and GAC; however my GFO does not and will not tumble, whether it the GFO or the reactor , it's not for lack of pump GPH I have a Rio 2500 tunned down or not it doesn't get it to tumble, sense maybe it's the GFO? I know the water is flowing through the reactors and there is a small amount of GFO fine residue that occasionally get in aquarium. I do like how well built it is and convenient to access and change media, mounts easily in my cabinet, and it's footprint isn't too big. I'm not to distruat over the non-tumbling, but if it would my score would have been much higher.

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