BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Dual

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BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Dual

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BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Dual
SKU: 204181
BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Dual with MJ1200 Pump
SKU: 300181
  • This Thing Works By on 3/14/2017

    This thing works as advertised and my phosphates are very low now!
    Why the 4? I am not a fan at all of the rigid line or the merlock fitting. They are a real PITA to deal with. Your cut line must be perfect and you need to make sure it is seated well but since the line is inside you cannot really tell. I would rather they switch to silicone hose and better fittings but I will say that it does NOT leak or kink. I might consider the silicone upgrade if it has replacement fittings so I can throw those merlocks in the trash.
  • Indestructable By on 3/10/2017

    We shutdown our coral shop 6 years ago. I threw out an old BRS reactor behind the coral building.
    Six years later we decided to setup a new aquarium. Much to my surprise after six years of summer heat and winter freezes, the reactor is still good as new (almost).
  • Careful with tubing By on 3/3/2017

    The only issue I have had with this is plumbing it. The tubing is inherently rigid. So buy some extra fittings and turns for it depending on where the unit is mounted as if you fight with the tubing it can break the seal in the Murlock fitting and shoot water all over until you seat it right again.
  • Great product!!! By on 2/22/2017

    I bought this for my 125 gallon reef and it's working perfectly. I noticed I was having to clean the green spores off the front glass a lot, probably because I feed to much. But since I installed this reactor, it's all gone. Phosphates are at 0 and so are my nitrates. Bought the BRS ROX carbon and GFO and it works great!!!! Thanks BRS for a well built product!!!
  • Great product BUT!!! By on 2/19/2017

    Love this hooked it up with a "Y" off my return pump from my sump and use the shutoff valve to adjust the flow, works great. Only complaint about this product is the cheap plastic angle mount that came with it. I can't believe they went from strong steel to this..... very disappointing to turn out a weak mount on something you have to grab a lot and twist canisters off, it will not last and I intend to buy a steel mount and replace it, not that I should have to.

    BRS, if you read this pls keep making quality products dont go for the cheap crap on any future builds I like that I can trust in your products that you endorse.
  • Great product By on 2/2/2017

    Outstanding product and very pleased with the build quality of the reactor.
  • Love it! By on 1/27/2017

    I just received my reactor yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised how heavy and sturdy the materials were. No cheap plastic that's going to crack the minute you try and take it apart. Extremely easy to set up. The brs GFO and rox 0.8 flushed extremely quickly. I hooked it up to the sump tightened up a few loose fitting and let it run. But the best part, tested my phosphates after I hooked it up was at a 1. Just checked again 22 hours later and I'm sitting at .25. Extremely happy. And water clarity looks like I just did a water change. Great product! Thanks BRS.
  • Pure Insanity! By on 1/12/2017

    First things first…. BRS has hands down the best customer service of any online retailer I have used (and I have used a LOT). I placed my order for the dual reactor at noon on Monday, Tuesday evening I was filling the reactor with media and hooking it up. Delivered in 24 hours…. Insane. Oh, and that was free shipping!! Even the big time online retailers (looking at you Amazon) can’t compete with that. As far as the product quality goes, I have learned over the past few months that if it has “BRS” printed on it – its going to be a quality product. This dual reactor is no exception to that expectation. Good material and well thought out product. The bracket makes mounting a breeze, and the chambers are easily removed for maintenance. Some of the other reviews had complaints about the tubing being a bit too rigid, but I actually prefer this over the standard clear tubing. I picked up a couple PEX bend supports from Lowes (link below). Put two on each line to support the tubing down into the sump. Worked great! The rigid tubing allowed me to secure the tubing in my cabinet in a much more organized fashion. Overall, this product, along with the BRS service deserves more than 5 stars. If you’re finding yourself on the fence about purchasing ANY of the BRS products, I can tell you from personal experience that you will not regret the purchase. Just do it!
  • Very good product By on 1/7/2017

    The only reason I did not give this five stars is that I find when you load more than a minimal amount of GFO The pump seems to lack the power to keep it tumbling. This is not a huge issue though because I plan to plumb it to a manifold.
  • Works Pretty Good By on 12/19/2016

    Overall happy with the product, cleared up the water quickly and dropped my phosphates down below a detectable range. As others mentioned, the pump is to weak to tumble the GFO so I typically have to open it every week or so to break it up and increase flow, definitely need to upgrade the pump. The tubing is also pretty stiff, would recommend upgrading that too.