BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Single

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BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Single

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BRS Reactor - Single
SKU: 204180
BRS Reactor - Single with MJ1200 Pump
SKU: 300180
  • functions great. By on 6/24/2016

    works like a champ. just had to get a few mur-lok 1/2' threaded fittings and a couple stem elbows to make it much easier to plumb the two reactors I purchased into my manifold just past the 1/2' gate valves. also the canister color was much darker blue than expected, but it's a reactor and I can still check the media for tumbling.
  • Good By on 5/10/2016

    Worked better than expected; I just wished I paid more attention to the description of the upgraded version.... I thought it was just a nicer color but nope; I have it as an HOB from Display Tank, the extra elbows would have come in handy, soooo, I ended up buying more from BRS
  • work's great, well made By on 4/6/2016

    I purchased 2 of these reactors, 1 for GFO and the other for carbon. Came with all the fittings needed. I purchased 2 additional ball valves so once flow is adjusted i don't need to touch them to change media, i just shut off the additional valve i installed before the flow valves.
  • Works Great By on 3/30/2016

    I had one that I use with carbon and GFO and then purchased another one for bio-pellets. They work great. I have not had any issues with either one and they are working perfectly. I like the fact that they can be used for different media. Since I started to use them my water has never looked clearer.
  • Phosphates finally gone By on 3/17/2016

    Was struggling with a phosphate issue since the start of my tank. Tried running several types of media simply placed in filter bags in the sump with no luck. Phosphates always stuck around 0.5 to 1.

    Once I implemented the reactor my phosphates dropped within a few days. At this point I can't really tell if there is any color change on any of my test kits. Reactor took all of about 15-20 minutes to fill, mount and get running.
  • Great product By on 3/10/2016

    This reactor was very easy to stall and came with everything needed to hook it up other than the media. Works perfectly and already seeing the advantages of it.
  • Great performance, terrible design By on 2/28/2016

    I had to give this reactor only two stars because the hose connectors leaked horribly! No, this is not the first time I have used these connectors (we have a RO/DI system from BRS and love it) and YES, they were pushed in all the way. Pushing the hoses in completely did not help. Plumber's tape did not help. The leaks were finally solved when we bought vinyl tubing (same diameter) and combined it with plumbers tape. When we called customer service, the person we talked to acted like they didn't believe us- that we were trying to get away with something and that the hoses and connectors couldn't possibly leak...

    Since buying the tape, vinyl tubing and stopping the leaks, the system has worked great- the water is more clear and our corals are vibrant.
  • Works Great! By on 2/16/2016

    I bought this reactor to help with my Green Hair Algae problem and within 4 weeks of using the reactor in a carbon/GFO mixed setup, most of the hair algae is gone. Thanks BRS for another great product!
  • awesome for price By on 2/13/2016

    awesome product, no problems
  • Great reactor! By on 2/8/2016

    Ordered two single reactors, one for gfo, and one for carbon. Branched off my external blueline pump manifold to run these and couldn't be happier with quality and function. 1/2" line provides great flow for go tumble and valves work great for fine tuning. Only issue I had was finding a 3/4" mpt to 1/2" push fitting to connect to pvc fpt. Ended up placing another order from BRS for their 1/2" mpt to 1/2" push fitting adapter fitting and worked great. Thanks BRS for quality components and informative videos!

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