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Elos Digital OsmoController Auto Top Off

SKU: 300206

  • 50% By danny on 11/28/2014

    I've had one that has worked flawlessly for 5 years+ now, never an issue.

    I bought another one for a new tank about 2 years ago. That one has been working 50% of the time, failing me the other 50% (doesn't top off). At least it doesn't fail in the on position :) I am in contact with Elos now, hopefully will get the 2nd one working too.
  • Easy to install and works great By Carl on 8/8/2013

    I only give this 4 stars because the packaging it comes in is loose. You wonder if you are missing pieces. It took less than two minutes to install though and works great.
  • Not suitable for my needs. By Marc on 3/7/2013

    The power cord from controller to pump is to short. The water delivery tube is sold separate. The response time of the water level sensor is slow. Very slow. And the delivery of water to make the proper adjustments is even slower. I have used tunze auto top off for many years and have had two sensors malfunction over time. Hence the purchase of the Elos unit. I will stick with tunze
  • Awesome! By Shane on 2/28/2013

    First and hopefully last ATO. I used black vinyl tubing from Home Depot. I have this mounted in the display of a nano tank, no complaints whatsoever.
  • Great product By Rob on 9/26/2012

    I don't mind that it doesn't come with tubing. My favorite feature is the probe which I like much more than having moving parts that need protection from snails and such. I do wish the pump was replaceable, but so far it hasn't failed. I've had no issues with the controller.
  • best yet By Ricky on 9/22/2012

    I have owned them all and this is by far my favorite because it is so low profile. Everything else is an eye sore, especially on smaller tanks without a sump. Got two running now, neither has ever failed me.
  • works great but.... By Scott on 9/20/2012

    The Elos Osmocontroller is working great on my 40 gallon tank without a sump. However I wish it came with a mount for a tank without a sump and the tubing required.
  • Left me high and dry By Kevin on 8/1/2012

    I would like to say that this item is great and that it did everything that i needed it to do. However, it failed me by the concept of osmosis.
    Well, what I mean is that it is not functional right out of the box. It has a power supply and a nice clip and cable ties, but it did not come with any tubing to pump the water into the tank or sump or wherever you want the water to go.
    By comparison, the Tunze was up and running within 5 minutes and came with plenty of power and water line for a flexible installation. Of my two tanks that needed to be connected to reservoirs recently, only one was up and running and the other still sits until I have time to take the pump to my local hardware store to find the proper tubing.
  • Sorry to say but can't review?? By Kevin on 7/30/2012

    I hate to say it, but somehow I didn't notice that Elos didn't bother to include any tube. I would love to say that it worked wonderfully and recommend it to everyone else, but I couldn't even try to use it. By the way, I will recommend the Tunze which did come with the proper tubeing to be up and running within 5 minutes.
  • Safe and easy to install By Greg on 6/12/2012

    I've been using this top off system for about 5 months, moving around 7 gallons per week. The only problem I've had is if my Kalk solution is too thick the controller will fault and will need to be reset. No return hose is included. It was simple to install and it seems like a better design than using a float switch.

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