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  • Water Changes - EP 1: Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Red Sea Aquarium Salt Mix 175 Gallon

SKU: 207077

  • My salt of choice By Greg on 4/12/14

    Switched from Instant Ocean to get a bit higher Alkalinity and couldn't be happier.
  • Terrible Shipping By Russel on 4/7/14

    The bucket arrived today. It is shipped in a box with no additional packing material. The bucket I got arrived pretty much completely smashed. There's cracks all over the side and the salt is visible. Luckily it seems Red Sea puts the salt inside a bag inside of the bucket, so it does not seem that any salt has leaked out.

    I give the product high rating due to thinking to bag the salt in the bucket. The shipping is not Red Sea's fault.
  • Perfection! By Salty Chef on 4/1/14

    Have been using this salt for last year switched from Tropic Marin Bio Actif. Having used just about every salt mix on the market this is easily my top choice. Inexpensive, consistent perfect for my ULNS tan, my SPS thank me for using this salt .
  • Close to natural seawater. By DavidE on 10/15/13

    This salt is close to natural seawater parameters, I recomend it for Zoevit users when The KZ Reefers Best salt is not available. It mixes fast and is ready to use in less than a hour, my batch size is 20gallons. It is recommended that you us it within 4 hours of mixing to avoid any perspiration in the mix, I have had it mix longer(1 week) and did not notice any. If you are not running a Ultra low nutraint system the regular Coral Pro is also a great salt mix with much higher numbers for ALk, Cal, Mg.
  • Easy to Mix; Great for ULNS By Tony on 10/13/13

    This mix is intended to mimic NSW, so no elevated levels of any major elements. Dissolves quickly with no residue and no need to mix overnight like cheaper synthetic salts. The lack of extra-high elements might lead to expectations of a cheaper price, but I guess if one is running ULNS, one is already used to paying premium prices for just about everything!
  • Quick and easy By Kyle on 6/22/13

    This stuff was super easy. Started my new 120gal with it, and had stuff growing almost immediately.
  • good salt good price By Nicholas on 6/1/12

    Mixes well, fish are likeing it. glad I can always count on bulk reef supply to have great products at reasonable prices!
  • instant turn around By christopher on 12/8/11

    I had an instant turn around in my tank whith this salt mix. Corals are growing well and colors are really showing now. No way will I switch to another brand now.
  • Excellent By Dave on 10/26/11

    Works great for those using carbon dosing and zeovit systems. No crazy high numbers to screw up my aquariums balance. Mixes super quick, follow directions and it mixes without residue.

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