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ReefKeeper Bus Cables - Digital Aquatics

  • not phone cable By Damion on 2/4/2014

    Don't be fooled. A phone cable uses 2 pins of the 4 pin plug.
    These use all 4 pins of the plug. Trying to be cheap will
    end up costing you. Use the proper cable ya ;)
  • Worth not voiding the warranty. By Felixpaws on 12/20/2013

    It may be the same as a phone cable, but if your still under warranty, I'd get these, just in case. They work as intended. Inexpensive. If you can get them with points or on sale or both, I'd recommend it.
  • It works By Michael on 10/31/2011

    Looks alot like a phone cable ,but it's not.
    After doing research they say that hooking a phone cable to RKE may damage and void your warranty. It was'nt worth the risk for the 10 dollar price tag to be on the safe side.Works like it should.....
  • Waste of money By Logan on 7/12/2011

    All that a "bus cable" is is a phone cable, the same kind on a corded phone. You can get ten of these for the same price, however the color matches your reef keeper very well.

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