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Hanna Checker Calcium Colorimeter

SKU: 206202

  • Not accurate By Zach on 4/6/14

    I tried this one for some time. Never had accurate or consistent readings. A little surprising because the phosphate checker and alk checker work great and are highly recommended. I use those weekly with great results. They need to go back to work and improve the cal checker.
  • Varied Results By Andrew on 3/28/14

    I tested my water 10 times within a 1 hour period and literally had 10 different results. The range was from 400 ppm to 600 ppm. I then tested a known calcium level in my Reef Crystal Pro salt mix at 1.025 which ranges from 455-475 at that salinity level. The results were varied as well, from 420ppm to 500ppm (3 tests) The idea is nice but the execution is lacking. I followed the instructions exactly and used the exact amount of tank water. Watched the videos to ensure I was doing it right.
  • Great idea, poor results By Led on 3/27/14

    I agree with others, it is all over the place.I have had mine for six months and have tried a new reagent and still no consistency.
  • Okay By sh55 on 3/10/14

    Results are varied, I am not able to get a stable result and when compared to my Salifert Ca kit this kit reads 30-50 points higher.

    I recommend watching the video Hanna posted on Youtube for more precise instructions and pointers.

    When the instructions tell you to add .1ml of the sample, it is referring to your tank water not the mix in the cuvet or RODI.
  • Buyer beware not accurate By Rolando on 3/2/14

    This product in my option should not be on the market until it is improved, just took three reading of the same water sample first 381 ppm second 449ppm third 495ppm using the same method, I have the Havana alk tester it's great, also the phosphate it's also very good. But don't spend your cash on the calcium tester if you do you'll be sorry you did.
  • Never the same result twice By Todd on 1/26/14

    directions are a bit complicated (compared to other Hanna checkers) and it seems that I never get the same result twice. I have gone back to my previous CA test kit.
  • Good product By Keith on 1/14/14

    Too many steps involved for my liking and doesn't always seem accurate but overall I think it's better than most other tests.
  • 7 out of 10 By Jordo on 12/8/13

    This isn't what you would expect from Hanna. The read out is great to have but the directions are a bit complicated. As a Nurse I am very used to small dose syringes and using precise lab equipment and this is kind of a pain for me. I have tried 3 tests on the same sample of water and got 3 different reading approx 30-40 points off. I'm still getting used to this test so maybe It will get better. I am a little disappointed =(
  • Improving Ca test precision By Bob on 12/8/13

    I purchased recently and like the digital readout but was a little concerned about accuracy and precision, primarily due to difficulty in accurately delivering a very small sample size (0.1 ml). I have made some suggestions to Hanna but in the meantime have revised my test procedure which seems to give me more precise results.

    One possible solution would be to use a 0.1 ml syringe, however, these are fairly expensive and fragile. Alternatively, I revised my procedure as follows:

    Instead of initially filling the cuvette to 10 ml with RO/DI water, I fill to 8.5 ml after adding 1 ml Reagent A and then press Add C2 on the meter.

    To obtain the 0.1 ml sample I add exactly 1.0 ml sample to a clean cuvette and dilute to 10 ml with RO/DI water. I cap and invert 3-5 times. Then I take exactly 1.0 ml of this diluted sample and add it to the test cuvette. Then I finish filling to the 10 ml mark with RO/DI water and then add Reagent B and proceed as usual. This results in a more accurate delivery of 0.1 ml of sample.

    The reproducibility and accuracy of the resulting readings are much improved.
  • Much better with improved reagents By Matt on 10/5/13

    I'd been getting variable results, but I found a post that said they had reformulated the reagents to improve the precision. I contacted Hanna and they sent me replacement reagents (and noted that they had recalled the old ones from retailers).

    So, I'm getting much better readings now than I was before and if you've written it off, you may want to try it again with new reagents.

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