Calcium Colorimeter HI758 Hanna Checker - Marine Water

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Calcium Colorimeter HI758 Hanna Checker - Marine Water

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  • Great Tool By Peter on 1/6/2016

    The Hanna Checker is a great investment. It is so much easier to use than test kits. I have been using it while setting up my dosing system and testing it against a Salfert test kit, I have stopped with the kit and rely on the hanna checker.
  • Best option available By jsbull on 1/2/2016

    This is a pretty involved test, so I don't like doing it, but this is accurate and the best I've found. I did screw up the first time, but have not had issues since I got the hang of the directions.
  • Good test kit By Eric on 12/27/2015

    Overall good, but like others, the reagent could be better than the little packets.
  • Exellent By Virgil on 11/30/2015

    I was weary of buying this checker after reading a lot of the bad reviews, but after receiving it, I tested my water 5 times back to back. With the red sea test reading 450ppm, my results were 454, 451, 458, 447, and 451. If you take your time and measure precise you will be very pleased as I am!
  • ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::) By saro on 11/29/2015

    The best, i highly recommend it :)
  • Great! By FishRfly on 11/21/2015

    I like clarity of digital results and the ease of use. Though not as easy as the Alk checker that got me hooked on these testers... I am sold. Well worth the extra money spent. Found a YouTube video of the test being performed to be sure I was doing it correctly. Did manage to get so excited that I fumbled the bottle of reagent leaving me enough for 2 or 3 more tests :@ BRS look forward to my next order soon!
  • Digital readout By Merlinpi on 10/28/2015

    Digital readout is hard to beat. Gave readings higher than red sea. Controlled the accuracy with the standard test, and it was fine. The main concern would be the minimal amount of tank water used, which could theoretically fluctuate readings significantly with even 1 or 2 drops, but I don't think I had this issue yet
  • Worth it... By Chris on 8/10/2015

    I've only owned this meter a couple of weeks now but I've used it four times, just to get use to it. Seen a few bad reviews before I bought it but I personally haven't experienced anything negative with it yet. Must follow the directions to a T especially using DI water. Personally I love the meter, well worth the 50 bucks. So much easier then any other test set I've used in the past. In my opinion this is the best way to test calcium to date.
  • I could recommend to friend smarter than me By Carmen on 7/21/2015

    I've used the kit three times now (attempted 5 times and gave up) and came up with different results each time. The biggest problem I have is the language of the directions--I poured over the directions for a long time before starting the test the first time. I finally figured out the curvette is the vial, and I'm pretty sure the sample water is the aquarium water, at least I think so...But why couldn't they just say that? But after the 4th step, I am totally lost and will not bother to go into detail here. There are a lot of positive reviews here, so I guess it's just me. I will have to call BRS and see if they can help me. The two out of 5 times I actually got to the end of the test I had drastically different results. Real sure it's operator error, so I won't blame Hanna for that. But the language of the directions are impossible. I mean, why not call a vial a vial? If you mean aquarium water then say so. I would be glad to help write good directions to these test, but someone will have to help me decifer them first.
  • Good By Mike on 7/14/2015

    Works well

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