MD-55RLT - 1104 GPH - Iwaki Japanese

Iwaki MD-55RLT
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  • Iwaki MD-55RLT
  • Iwaki MD-55RLT
  • Iwaki MD-55RLT

MD-55RLT - 1104 GPH - Iwaki Japanese

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  • Solid Value By on 10/15/2014

    I've had this pump for about 2 years now, I'm now looking to get another just as a backup, the second will serve as my water change and general circulation pump while the existing main pump hums(should say whispers) along nicely. I like the idea of having a backup for the eventuality and with a two year gap, I have lots of opportunity to fix or repair one while the other takes charge. I don't like to throw good money after bad and this is the exact opposite, this pump is link a tank, it just keeps going and that's why I'm back for a second.

    Very happy with the durability, noise level and performance. My main tank is on the fist floor and sump/pump is about 20ft away in the basement, pay attention to head pressure. BRS review two years ago was no lie. So they get the business as it's well deserved.
  • Strong pump, great lift. By on 5/22/2013

    I keep my sump in the basement and have a 12 foot rise for the return. This pump had no problem from the start.
  • work horse By on 12/6/2012

    I have had two of these pumps they keep on running no leaks over five years . They have a hum after a few years but dont think they will ever stop running

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