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Two Little Fishies AquaStik Underwater Epoxy Putty

  • Great product By Aqua Man Stan on 1/30/14

    Easy to use epoxy. Holds well. Just be sure to follow the directions.
  • Not pleased with the results By chris on 1/16/14

    For me this stuff didnt hold very well. I applied it liberally to my rock formation and have half of the areas I applied it to crack so those joints are no longer holding anything in place. This isnt a fault of the product but this stuff barely goes very far. For me to finish my entire formation i would have needed about 4 or 5 more sticks and i only have a 90g tank. Its very messy to work with and strength is not that good.
  • Best one i"ve used By Thanh on 12/24/13

    Like with all other Putty adhesive you must use it in conjunction with acrylic gel glue. I have several brands that i have used. the purple one, the green one from Coral life. Then i used this one (stone grey). It works and meads go much smoother than the other putty.
  • Works ok! By 08TRDOFFROAD on 12/16/13

    I purchased this to help with attaching corals to my live rock. I had a hard time getting it to stick to wet corals and my live rock, but once it set it seems to be holding my hammer coral in place. Overall, it is doing is job, but would have liked to see a more positive attachment initially.
  • Won't set underwater By Michael on 12/16/13

    I'm sure it would work fine out of water. I couldn't get it to set under water.
  • Good for its intended use By DRock on 7/22/13

    I have used at least 5 tubes of this stuff. Works well for bonding live rock and frags. Note that you need to hold in place for a few minutes to let it start setting up. I also will turn off my pumps during this process to keep things still.
  • Strong - read if you are buying this with BRS dry rock By Jeff on 6/1/13

    Epoxy putty is strong, and I use the Aquastik brand for my rock work.

    My guess is a few of us are looking at this item to complement a purchase of BRS dry live rock - below is my suggestion:

    If you just want to ensure that rocks are balanced on top of each other, my bet is everything sold here will work.

    If you are putting together complex, weight-bearing structures (ex: arches) that look natural, I suggest buying 2 4-ounce sticks for every 50 pounds of dry rock; also, add an order of gel super glue to your order. Using enough Aquastik and applying the gel super glue between the Aquastik and rock after settling gives the rock work a lot of strength.

    Optional: rinse/scrub the rock in saltwater and let it re-dry before you start applying this item. Certain surfaces on the dry rock will "come apart" once re-hydrated - it makes applying the Aquastik difficult,but you can avoid most of this with the rinse/scrub/re-dry.
  • It's OK By cbsopp on 5/30/13

    Once it sets it is great, but getting it to do what you want it to do is tough.
  • Works great just like everyone said By Bill k on 5/20/13

    Great product fist time user. Worked just as every one said
  • Great epoxy By garrison on 4/5/13

    I used this to aquascape with the bra reefsaver rock. I love this stuff, it holds tight and won't budge after it sets.

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