ReVive Coral Cleaner Dip - Two Little Fishies

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ReVive Coral Cleaner Dip - Two Little Fishies

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  • Works Great By on 11/2/2016

    Saw the video on hitch hikers and really didn't want any in my tank. Every time I used the dip there was something moving in the bottom of the bowl. I believe using the dip has saved me a lot of headaches.
  • First time dipping coral was a success By on 10/12/2016

    The only local fish store near me has some great corals but all their tanks need some serious work. I bought this to dip/clean a few new frags I was buying from them. You would not believe all the creepy crawlies that came off in the first few minutes! I will totally continue to use this product.
  • Works Great By on 3/24/2016

    Works great! Just make sure you follow the directions.
  • Great the coralRx By on 7/14/2015

    I use this as a secondary to Coral Rx if I am unsure of the coral...
  • Great Product! By on 6/7/2014

    Great coral dip supplement to get those corals ready for your display tank. Always had good results with 2 little fishies so I have been using this for quite some time now and love it!
  • Revive on your shelf By on 4/25/2014

    This is a good product! I've used Revive many times for acros, Lps and zoeanthids. I purchased an Aussie Lobo, dipped for 6 min....flat worms succumbed to the Revive or at least the smell of it!
    Smells like lemonlimey pine-sol. It works!
  • excellent product bad smell By on 12/2/2013

    product does as described, just follow the directions per bottle. don't mind the smell of the pinesol.
  • I always dip my coral in this before I put them in my tank! By on 9/15/2013

    I always dip my coral in this before I put them in my QT tank, wait 6 weeks and then dip them again before I put them in the display. You often see little critters fall off. I still somehow had some Virmidth snails and Sabellidae worms introduced but I think I would have a lot more without it.
  • Good Product By on 7/18/2013

    I have been using this dip for a while. While I am not sure how much it helps it makes me fell better using it. I would hate to get an outbreak from not using it.

    Small price to pay for a little insurance.
  • My favorite dip By on 7/11/2013

    I used to use iodine based dips and still ended up with flatworms. GRRRR!! This stuff makes them drop off quickly and KILLS them without stressing the coral too bad. Polyps opened much faster than iodine dips in recovery. Great product, use it all the time now.