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  • Water Changes - EP 1: Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance
  • Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

  • great salt By Michael on 3/18/14

    Have been doing using this salt mix for my last 6 or 7 water changes. The salt is very consistent and my coral growth and colors have been better since switching to this product. The only negative I have found is upon mixing the salt, the mix can be a bit cloudy if mixed too long. After doing the water change at night, the next morning my tank is perfectly clear again.
  • Great Product By Bill on 3/8/14

    I have used many different salt mixes and always come back to this product. My corals Very consistent make up and easy to mix. My corals do well with this product.
  • Awesome salt! Fragile container : ( By Bruce on 3/8/14

    This stuff mixes up easy and my numbers are always good! My only complaint is the buckets are extremely weak and I've yet to receive one undamaged from shipping (and they are packaged in a heavy duty cardboard box). Thankfully none of the inner bags have tore open.

    Some other brands of salt I've received in perfect condition with nothing more than a shipping label on the bucket.
  • best salt so far By peter on 3/4/14

    i've tried a few different salts and this one seems to raise the levels up without you having to do it afterwards. seems all the other salts are way low on the mag, alk, and cal.
  • First Time mixing my own salt By Adam on 2/21/14

    I used to buy the premixed water from the big brick and mortar store for my nano. I don't know why I didn't switch to mixing my own years ago. It's so easy and cost soooooo much less.
  • The only salt I will ever use for my reef. By Burnie on 2/20/14

    I have tried other salt varieties, but Red Sea Coral Pro Salt is 2nd to none in my opinion, I've never had issues with clumping that I had with previous brands. The PH remains stable and all of it dissolves which was an issue in the past as well.The only drawback is its expensive to ship, but the way around that if you can afford to buy 3 BRS ships free at $175.00
  • good product By Ben on 2/7/14

    I have been out of the hobby for a couple of years and wanted to try a different product. Mixes well and levels are good.
  • Great Salt By Samuel on 2/1/14

    I had a fellow reefer refer me to this type of salt after I was using Instant Ocean Salt and was unable to maintain my calc and alk levels. After switching to Red Sea Coral Pro, I have not had to dose two part as much as I usually used to do. I would recommend this product to all reefers.
  • mixed reaction By Robert on 1/29/14

    I heard many good things about this salt. I got it and did a few water changes. My coral had mixed reactions, some went dormant others thrived. Easy to mix and use. I use 1/2 cup per gallon of water and i get proper salinity levels.
  • Don't even look at others! By Steve on 1/21/14

    I have been reefing for about 7 years and do not use any other salt! It keeps the parameters perfect, I stopped dosing everything (even B-ionic) once I started using this salt so I won't be looking back. I do 10% water changes every other week and don't have to worry about anything else. Note that I do not keep SPS corals though.

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