Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix

Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix
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Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix

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Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix 55 Gallon
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  • Great salt By on 10/27/2016

    Just mixed, 75 gallons last night,, found it takes about 1 cup per gallon (guesstimate) to achieve 1.026 salinity,, mixes clear in a 5 gallon bucket in about 10 minutes with a powerhead,, I left it mixing for about 45 minutes,,, great product,, highly recommend
  • Great Salt Mix! By on 9/17/2016

    First off i'll start by giving shout out to REDSEA MACNA 2016. These guys are awesome. Extremely knowledgable and helpful. I have been using IO Reef Crystals for 2 months mostly due to the low cost with not much success. I was given a free bucket of coral pro salt at MACNA from the Red Sea guys. I have been using it for a couple weeks now and have seen a huge difference in my coral coloration. My tank parameters seem to be a bit more stable overall but only time will tell. The salt mixes really fast compared to IO. Within an hour the water is clear. IO takes the entire day to mix and still a little cloudy. Also I have noticed that the parameters reflect what the bucket has on it. Not so much for the IO although reef crystals is not bad for the price. One more thing to note is my IO seemed to have a nasty brown sludge buildup on the surface of the water. I have used IO in the past and had the same problem. Probably will not notice this in a small 5 gallon mix but if mixed in a larger container for a day or two you may notice it. Either way I highly recommend the Red Sea coral pro salt ONLY IF you can afford it. Otherwise I would go with IO.
  • Easy to mix By on 9/9/2016

    I have been using this slat mix now for 7 months and my fish and corals love it. It is very easy to mix and convinent as you do not have to let it sit for 24 hours to add it to your tank. I mix mine usually for about an hour.
  • Complete Turnaround By on 7/23/2016

    This is long, but I have to share. So I cycled my tank with IO Reef Crystals... But then I kept using it for some reason... Even though my water was "safe," (no ammonia, nitrite, etc), my reef parameters were always a little off no matter what I did.... Corals were doing poorly even with dosing and my ph and salinity was always hovering lower than I wanted, but within range. I didn't expect crazy algae since I was running a Phosban reactor, but I had terrible algae and cyano I had to constantly fight.... My water was milky and I didn't know why... I was losing my brain, but my friend suggested changing salt. I decided to get a uv sterilizer instead. It kind of worked to clear it up, but still a little hazy. I said... Alright fine, I'm changing the salt. Can it get much worse in the rectangular shaped money pit? (Wait, don't answer that) ................ My tank was completely CRYSTAL clear within hours of adding this salt. My corals all perked up and came alive, plus my ph and salinity have been stable. No algae, no cyano returns. I can't believe the tank I wanted was here all along. I want to say a miracle happened, and I don't care why or how, but I just realized the importance of quality salt. Do NOT buy cheap salt, even if it is very popular.
  • Great product By on 7/13/2016

    My corals and fish both love this salt. It is very easy to mix. I have tried a few other different salts and the lvls seem to change. every time I mix new water for water changes.
  • Solid Salt BUT By on 7/13/2016

    This salt is actually a good salt IMO. It mixes well, and does what it is suppose to do, BUT... for you SPS lovers out there BE AWARE this salt mixes to am alk of 12. THATS TWELVE. The bucket DOES inform you of this level, but it would be easy to purchase it without realizing it. For me no more red sea :( I need my levels closer to 8.0. Besides the high alk this is a quality salt.
  • Great salt By on 5/29/2016

    Now I watch a lot of the BRS TV videos I know what he said in the video. I also read the not so nice review here about this salt being salt on steroids. I recently ordered this salt switching from another popular brand. This salt does in fact dissolve faster and clearer. Here is how I did my switch over to this salt brand. Day one 2% water change. Day three 5% water change. Day seven 5% water change. So far everything is doing well and I think this salt is the brand I will be sticking with from here on. My parameters are doing great, corals are looking much better and fish seem to be doing well also. I plan on doing my next water change of 10% on day 14 and then doing a 10% water change from that point out. I think like when adding fish and coral to an aquarium when changing salt brands it is good to make the change in small increments to measure the impact the change may or may not have. I am really liking this salt right now. All parameters are great right from the mix.
  • Great Product - Trusted Brand By on 5/4/2016

    When I chose my first reef tank a couple of months ago, I went with a Red Sea Reefer. However, being a brand-loyalist, I stuck with a brand of salt that I was familiar with from years of keeping FOWLR tanks - Instant Ocean. Because I was building a reef tank, I chose reef crystals, which I had not previously had reason to try before. I was very disappointed with the result.

    Now, I don't want to unfairly blame all of my water chemistry problems on the Instant Ocean folks. After all, I am using a few other products for the first time that could have contributed to some of my issues (such as live sand and reef saver dry rock) - who knows. But I had one heck of a time trying to keep my water chemistry in the target range for pH, alkalinity and calcium. I tried to buffer it and ended up with carbonate precipitation (milky water).

    I decided to do a water change and used Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix and like what I'm seeing so far in terms of those same water chemistry factors.

    I highly recommend this product and have been happy with all of the Red Sea products I have used thus far. Spend a little more up front and save yourself frustration later - go with Red Sea salt and test kits. They are worth the extra few bucks. Happy reeling. Robert
  • ??? By on 4/18/2016

    I cant really give an opinion on this as ive never mixed water before and had a friend mix this up for me to start my aquarium.
  • Corals By on 3/25/2016

    I use Instant Ocean for my 95 Gallon tank . I only have fish . I want to get corals . Can I still use instant ocean salt with a calcium reactor