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Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix

Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix
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Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix


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Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix 55 Gallon
SKU: 207078
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Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix 175 Gallon
SKU: 207079
Earn 72 Reward Points
  • AWESOME SALT By Rumzy on 3/18/2015

    I was using another brand of salt for about a year when i switched over to this salt I noticed a dramatic difference in coral growth, health and color! This salt is AWESOME!!!!!!
  • Amazed By Jamie&Cora on 2/23/2015

    We have been using the Coral Pro Salt for almost a year now and are impressed with the results. It mixes easily and we do not have to add additional trace elements very often. We currently have aquariums in both of offices at our jobs and 2 more at home and appreciate the simplicity this product gives us.
  • Great Salt By Brian on 2/23/2015

    Love this salt! Mixes perfect for me every time! fast and easy! I have tried a few other brands and this is by far the best in my opinion!
  • Love it!!! By Chris on 2/13/2015

    Switched to RedSea Coral Reef Pro after reading the excellent reviews and I am glad I did. My corals are flourishing and my water parameters are spot on. I'm running a 29 biocube reef & fish w/custom sump tank and have not had to dose kalk or 2 part yet with weekly 5% water changes.

    When you mix it, it only clouds for about 1 minute before going crystal clear and ready to add to tank. Unlike the cheaper salt mixes that need several hours for mixing, Coral Pro is ready in minutes. Note, do not let it mix w/pump for any longer than an hour or it will precipitate.

    Also, expect the plastic container (larger size of salt mix) to be broken upon delivery. It is placed in a box without foam and UPS handles it very delicately, lol! The inner plastic bag on mine was punctured, but BRS took care of the issues immediately.

    Cant go wrong with this mix!
  • Best salt in my opinion By Ewan on 2/12/2015

    I switched to this salt after years of using another brand, I couldn't get my mag to the correct levels and found out after testing newly mixed salt water that the level was still way too high. Red Sea has everything in check now.
  • Turns out its the same stuff as my LFS By Chris on 2/10/2015

    Went to my LFS and it turns out they use the same stuff. So far, everything has been very stable with this mix and all of my parameters have been dead on. It mixes well. The only thing that's confusing is that the measurements are by weight, so mixing can be a guessing game.
  • Great acro colors By Brian on 1/23/2015

    My sps tank has never looked better, ca mg and dkh levels are right where I want them as a mix. It mixes and dissolves very rapidly, and I have noticed no precipitates in the barrel. I am one of those guys that always has to have the best, and this is the best salt.
  • Excellent By shawn on 1/13/2015

    Very happy..clears quickly..mix at tank temp.
    corals are healthy and vibrant.
  • my trace elements stopped flexing By Nicky67 on 12/30/2014

    i was having trouble with calcium magnesum and alkalinity until i started using this salt
  • Stable Parameters By Vinny on 12/16/2014

    I'm new to saltwater(about 6 months in) and started with Instant Ocean salt mix. I constantly had to monitor/test my parameters and dose multiple elements. On top of that, I was getting terrible algae outbreaks.

    My LFS recommended Red Sea Coral Pro Salt or Salinity Salt. I chose the Red Sea Coral Pro mix. I have a small tank(30 gal + 10 gal sump-about 6 gal of water in it) and perform 5 gal WCs every week(sometimes I will skimp and go 2 weeks before a WC). It took about 2 WCs before I REALLY noticed the results. All my parameters stabilized, the CYANO algae died/disappeared, GHA reduced. The only thing I have to dose now is magnesium and thats only if I go 2 weeks between WCs. I'm super satisfied with this salt mix. Unless something better comes along, this will be my lifetime salt mix.

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