Red Sea Phosphate Pro (PO4) test kit

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Red Sea Phosphate Pro (PO4) test kit

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  • I wish I could give it a .08 star By on 12/8/2016

    Same as the other users I cannot get this kit to read below .08. At the time I tested (and retested and retested and retested) I was running GFO and growing macro so I decided to pick up a Salifert kit and a Hanna checker just to be sure. Of course both pulled "0" readings. I usually love Red Sea stuff, but this kit is a big fat miss.
  • great concept, indiscernible color matching By on 3/29/2015

    I should of wrote a review back in 2012 when I bought this test kit but i did not. Long story short, it's really difficult to tell the color wheel from the sample-that itself, is unacceptable for me. Also, I would not mind if the test kit used so much comparative samples to accurately determine the correct end result, unfortunately, this test kit is a time waster and a wallet sink. Gen 1&2 are a total fail.
  • Don't waste your money, get the Hanna kit instead By on 11/12/2014

    I've used this weekly for the last 3 month and it reads .08 every time. I know for a fact my water is not more than .04. If anything I have a difficult time to maintain .02-.04 for sps coloration because of the reactors I'm using. Garbage test kit.
  • Good Product By on 6/7/2013

    Some of the older kits were sold with a bad color wheel. This has since been corrected. Very easy kit to use; though it can be difficult to tell the difference between the colors at the lowest of PO4 levels.
  • Will not read lower than .08 By on 4/17/2013

    Every thing I have tested all read .08 .
    My tank water- Fresh made salt water- Natural seawater- 0 tds rodi water.
    All test at .08 and I have had 6 other people run the tests and they all get .08 also
  • Inaccurate By on 1/13/2013

    Like others on here have mentioned, this test kit is not accurate. I obtain readings of .08 to .16 when it should be reading zero like on freshly made saltwater, RODIwater, and the water coming out of my gfo reactor (fresh gfo just installed before taking the reading).
  • always 0.08 By on 12/30/2012

    I bought this kit. I always got a reading of 0.08 on my display tank, gfo reactor output, and my r/o output with brand new filters.
    I told my lfs who communicated with red sea. They sent me a new set of reagents a and b. Guess what. EVERYTHING READS 0.08 AGAIN. Red Sea has bad quality control. Never will buy a red seak kit again.
  • always get 0.08, have issue with this test kit By on 10/4/2012

    I have tried using this test kit, but no matter how I test it, and when I test it, I always get a 0.08. Then I found out there's an issue with this test kit from forums.
  • best po4 kit By on 9/22/2012

    a lot easier to read than other kits out there and results match the colorometer I bought later.
  • love it By on 3/13/2012

    took me a bit to see the color differences but once I got what i was looking for this is way easier to read than the salifert kit I was useing.