Sea Veggies – Seaweed

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Sea Veggies – Seaweed

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30g Green Seaweed Sheets - Sea Veggies
SKU: 207208

reg. $5.99

Special Price: $5.09

100 Sheet Bulk Pack - Green Seaweed - Sea Veggies
SKU: 207245

reg. $45.99

Special Price: $39.09

30g Purple Seaweed Sheets - Sea Veggies
SKU: 207206

reg. $7.49

Special Price: $6.37

100 Sheet Bulk Pack - Purple Seaweed - Sea Veggies
SKU: 207246

reg. $45.99

Special Price: $39.09

30g Red Seaweed - Sea Veggies
SKU: 207207

reg. $5.99

Special Price: $5.09

300g Bulk Pack - Red Seaweed - Sea Veggies
SKU: 207247

reg. $45.99

Special Price: $39.09

  • Fish love it By bscardina on 6/8/2015

    I buy the purple seaweed in the 100 sheet pack and my fish love it. I have used the green seaweed sheets and other brands before. However, my fish go nuts when I put the Julian Sprung's Purple Sea Veggies in the tank. Great product.
  • My tangs love it, quality product By EddieKMD on 12/8/2014

    I can vouch for the fact that my sailfin tang and blue tang love this product. The sailfin likes to think it's all his, but the blue tang gets in there too when he's not watching. They eat half a sheet in 3-4 hours.
  • Far better than the competition By Crystal on 8/30/2014

    It costs bit more than the brands offered by the local LFS but makes up for it in fishy enthusiasm. Honestly, it smells more fresh than the nori offered by the asian market too!
  • Tangs and angels love this! By Christopher Kirkland on 6/25/2014

    Tangs and angels seem to prefer the purple over the Green. They still love both. I have used this stuff for years.
  • My tangs love it By Mike on 3/1/2014

    I've been using TLF sea veggies for years. All three flavors. I mix it up for variety. I have big Naso that almost comes out of the tank when he sees me coming with the purple variety. Great stuff!!!
  • green is great By joepat on 12/23/2013

    All my fish love this stuff. The only one my tangs eat is the green one.
    5 stars for the green only.
  • Green seaweed is perfect By Deuce on 12/16/2013

    The minute I put this in the tank all of my tangs and angelfish went crazy over it I got the one hundred sheet pack and it's packed perfect you can pull one sheet out at a time and it doesn't get caught on the other sheets
  • Seems much fresher than most By Frank on 11/23/2013

    I have used the purple and my fish love it. I think is seems much fresher and also tears easier which gives the smaller more shy fish a chance.
  • PURPLE seaweed for tangs. They love it most of all By Matt on 10/29/2013

    We have a yellow tang, 2 small blue regal hippo tangs and 2 Flame angel fish and a coral beauty angelfish.

    All of them prefer Julian Sprung's PURPLE seaweed to any other seaweed product.

    It's like the difference between offering a kid some brussel sprouts or a candy bar.

    The only other thing they go after as fast is the live caluerpa macro algae we add to mix it up a little.

    Even the purple dottyback, clownfish and Melanurus wrasse take a nibble once it's in the tank.
  • fish love it By James on 8/25/2013

    my fish devoir this stuff faster than any other brand. It is a little messy compared to ocean nutrition but fish like it more.

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