ZEOzym - Korallen-Zucht

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ZEOzym - Korallen-Zucht

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  • Excellent and Quick Results By on 12/8/2014

    I have been battling Cyano breakouts on and off. I run carbon and GFO in a reactor and I generally don't have issues with the green stuff, but the evil red slime would make random appearances. I tried ZeoZym this weekend per the treatment, not dosing directions. I can already see a difference in my water clarity. The cyano is rapidly disappearing and my skimmer is more disgusting than ever. We will see long term, but the first impression is a good one.
  • Tons of dark skimate! By on 6/24/2014

    Tank is cleaner than ever! This product is making my skimmer work even better than it did before. I wasn't sure about getting this when I ordered it but very glad that I did. Simply awesome!
  • outstanding By on 10/7/2013

    So i bought this product about a month ago from BRS. And it works like a charm. Yes there are steps to use the product but after a couple days. You can see darker skim mate then before. Sometimes i even pull thick black slimy stuff out of the collection cup. I assume it must be cyano that was on my sand bed which disappeared. You have to be patient will this product because it slowly works its way with helping out the protein skimmer.