Amino Acid Concentrate - Korallen-Zucht

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Amino Acid Concentrate - Korallen-Zucht

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50 mL Amino Acid Concentrate
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100 mL Amino Acid Concentrate
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  • Very noticeable results By on 7/27/2017

    I switched from AcroPower to this and also added the KZ Coral Vitalizer and have been adding daily for about a month now. Almost immediately, I noticed massive polyp extension at night, increased coloration and growth. Very pleased so far.
  • great stuff By on 12/10/2014

    add color to dull coral and polyp extension better then ever before
  • Best Amino Acid By on 10/11/2014

    I'v used a few different amino acids, this one is the purest. Iv seen improvements in my corals and my skimmer doesn't freak out for 30 mins after dosing it
  • great product By on 9/20/2014

    Haven't been using this product for more than a week and see great poylp extention, will recommend this product to anyone with SPS
  • Great product By on 11/12/2013

    Made a tremendous difference in my SPS tank !
  • Must have By on 9/8/2013

    Since implementing alongside the Nano-Pack, used sparingly along with proper filtration and stable water parameters, I have experienced an increase in color and "depth" to SPS tissue, and an increased urgency in polyp extension and growth. Very pleased with the results.
  • good for coral growth By on 3/8/2013

    i used this product almost half year and it seen its working ,my sps and zoa coral growth very fast
  • Excellent product By on 6/20/2012

    I have use this product nightly for for almost a year now and I am very satisfied with the results. PE and color have never been better.
  • Better colors and Growth By on 1/31/2012

    I recently add Zeo AA to my tank and the sps colors has really improve