PhosBan Reactor 550

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PhosBan Reactor 550

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  • Good product for a reasonable price! By on 4/26/2016

    I order this reactor to battle a algae outbreak. While the instructions were not real clear on how much GFO was needed to fill the canister to the min. two inch mark, I found it to work. It been a little over a month and my algae has died off to about half of what it was. I do have to empty the reactor twice to clean the sponge at the bottom but just reuse the GFO media after cleaning the sponge. Just change the media today since its been over a month and I had high Phosphate and Nitrate levels when I installed the reactor. Fish are swimming and more active now too. I only wished I had got this product before I set up my tank in the first place.
  • Bad Gaskets By on 11/11/2014

    I bought two of these before I realized how bad they are. The gasket is a thin rubber band that does not seat correctly when you screw the lid on. After a few media changes they leak. You get what you pay for.
  • Good for the price By on 8/15/2013

    The fittings do worry me a bit in the very long term, but it is easy to set up and performs well. I use it for GFO and it can hold a lot and gets a good gentle, even distribution of flow through the media. Performs well for the price, and if you can mount it hanging inside a sump where it wont matter if it leaks then I'd say go for it for sure!
  • Cheap By on 6/30/2013

    Reactor cheap clogged up very quickly internal rubber elbow made so short (cheap stuff) that it nearly enough sometime it slips the reactor made cheap it inconvinient jade sign is simply bad internal piping sometime disconnected and reactor won't working properly do not buy (waste of money)
  • quick and easy By on 12/22/2012

    II have two of these units. I use one for carbon and the other for biopellts. These units are really easy and quick to setup and they operate very well. They don't operate perfectly out of the box for biopellets, but for the savings a little modification was worth it for me.

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