Sea Side Aquatics Coral Viewer

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Sea Side Aquatics Coral Viewer

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6” Coral Viewer
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8” Coral Viewer
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10” Coral Viewer
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  • Product works as designed...but By on 2/16/2017

    I gave this 3 stars since it does work great but I am about 99% sure they sent me a used product. When paying for something sold as "new", thats you expect to receive. Unfortunately mine had a 3" scratch right down the MIDDLE, was dusty and the decal that says SEASIDE AQUATICS was curled around the edges and kindve weathered looking as if the thing has been used for 2yrs, wiped down and sold as new. Very disappointed to say the least but not worth the trouble to try and get replaced. Mine was the 8" for what its worth.
  • Excellent build By on 11/28/2016

    Large enough to get my iPhone 6Plus inside ... now I can take pictures from above that are actually amazing.
  • Impressed By on 11/15/2016

    Great quality and clarity. You wont be disappointed.
  • Great tool By on 6/25/2016

    makes working in the tank much easier, so you don't always have to turn off your pumps. helps expedite those small fast tasks. Great for showing off some of your tank critters to friends.
  • 6" viewer By on 4/9/2016

    I ordered the 6" viewer, appears to be constructed well, and it works well to do light tank maintenance without having to turn the pumps off. also great for showing off your tank critters to others.
  • Awesome viewer. I enjoying looking down my coral and fishes By on 10/4/2015

    I love this item. View my fishes and coral so clear
  • Practical but also a lot of fun for friends and family. By on 4/16/2015

    Not only does this offer a unique view into your tank and frag trays, but it's a great way to involve your friends and families into you hobby as well. Reefing is a great hobby, but being able to offer a new viewing experience to my wife and nephews makes this item a really great buy. :)
  • Not what I ordered, but not bad By on 1/13/2014

    As others have mentioned, you don't get what's in the photo, BRS needs to update it! It's actually oval shaped and has black sides. It still works for my use though.
  • Great little Tool By on 5/6/2013

    Perfect for seeing coral from the top. Quality construction. I plan on using it to take pictures of my reef as well. The only drawback is it is to tall to fit under the glass cover of my 180g.
  • Diff Photo By on 4/17/2013

    It is not as shown. I ordered a 8" bubble magnus that was supposed to be clear acrylic and it was oval shaped, not circular, and the long side was much larger than 8". The sides were also made of black acrylic, meaning you can only look straight down through the viewer. This causes reflection issues with your lights, so you must only view at an angle. This would have been useful information. This is the very first time I've had a switch of products from BRS. Luckily, I can still use the viewer, but it is not as advertised.