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Bubble Magus BM-NAC3.5
Cone Protein Skimmer

SKU: 210107

  • I would NOT recommend this to anyone I know. By JAE on 2/24/14

    I've had this skimmer for about 8 months which it only worked max of 3 months in total. I've had to replace the pump twice due to manufacture issues. Doesn't pull out as much as it should when it does work. For the price just put a little more towards a better skimmer. Only thing the BM has on a good note is a small foot print.
  • For the Price & Footprint......Good Skimmer! By Eric B on 2/10/14

    I have only had this skimmer set up for a day, but it broke in quickly and has already started to pull out a light tea-colored skimmate - after less than a day. The foam in the column is pure white, and has good turbidity. Given that it takes up about the same room as a reactor, and costs less than a couple hundred bucks, I am pleased. I do, however, look forward to seeing the skimmate improve as the break-in progresses.
  • dial it in By Kev on 10/24/13

    If you're like me you research profusely before a purchase. I searched and talked to some of the local shops around my area. When I asked the shop I buy my coral from what they recommend, the owner told me that he would go for a bubble magus. I would strongly recommend it to anyone on a budget! It amazes me that BRS does not put the recommended stamp on it.
  • Great Skimmer! By Evan on 5/29/13

    This is a great skimmer. Though, I got off to a confusing start. I have had skimmers before so I knew how to assemble a skimmer from experience. I assembled the Bubble Magus and placed it in my sump. I had to adjust my water level a little bit. Plugged it in and no bubbles. I took it back out to look it over and everything looked fine. Check the pump and the airline tubing and everything looked fine. I tried blowing down the airline tube that goes to the pump thinking there was debris in the tube. There was a thin layer of CLEAR plastic on the airline tubing elbow that goes into the fitting on the pump. Essentially the factory left a piece of plastic that prevented air to get to the pump and not cause bubbles.

    Its been running for about a week and starting to pull out darker and darker skimmate. So far about 3 cups. I have mine in about 8 inches of water with the dial set at just barley under 5.

    Great skimmer! Check for factory defects or left over plastic when cleaning before placing in your sump.
  • Good product By Tom on 12/28/12

    This skimmers well built. It is also REALLY quiet! That's a big plus in my book. I love the small footprint on this skimmer and it's really good for tanks with small sumps nor limited space. Overall is a great product at a great price!
  • Quality product, bad instructions By max on 11/10/12

    Another speedy order from BRS, product looks great out of the box extremely happy with it, great for confined space, will be using in a aqueon proflex sump 1, needs good cleaning, but ready to go
  • Perfect for small tanks By Casey on 10/30/12

    This skimmer is very easy to maintain, provided it is placed somewhere with a constistent water level. Best skimmer I've used thus far!
  • Good Skimmer By Bryan on 8/9/12

    Ive had mine since Dec. 2011. Its on a 30g w/10g sump pulls about a half a cup of skimm a week. I have it runing at 6.5".
  • Just WOW By Codebrew12 on 1/10/12

    For the money there is not a better deal. I hate to even say "for teh money" because this skimmer is top notch. You will not be sorry you purchased this little gem.
  • Great Price! Great Skimmer! By WestOhooligan on 10/18/11

    A cone skimmer for under $200? Absolutely. This is probably one of the best skimmers I've owned and live the small footprint as it is set on top of the pump. If you have a limited budget and space, I highly recommend this skimmer. It seems to perform best form me in about 7" of water. Produces really dark skimmate!

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