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UltraLife Red Slime Remover

SKU: 207118

  • Use As Reccomended By Masterofpuppets on 3/9/14

    This is A decent product but be very cautious dosing. This is A temporary fix in my opinion repeted doses will without A doubt cause more harm than good. This product contains erythromycin succinate which is an antibiotic that will kill cyanobacteria but will also deplete all beneficial bacteria in your system with continued use. RO water people! Get to the bottom of the problem and solve it..
  • Incomplete Results - But beware of Oxygen Depletion By Elsie on 1/12/14

    I've been fighting this 'red' menace since last July 2013. Started in my 55 gal, eventually about Sept lost all my fish and what few corals I had. Shut it down, gravel & all - disassembled , cleaned all equipment, sump, skimmer,overflow, etc. Scrubbed all cyano algae off everything. Bit the bullet and bought a RO-DI (deluxe), bought a Carbon/GFO Reactor, containers to store my RO-DI and freshly made saltwater in, $$$$. Started everything up again, and the nuisance has come back, not once, but twice. Just two days ago I saw it starting up again. Have used this product several times, yes, along with others. It will stop the progression, but for me it will no take it out entirely. I am very disheartened.p
  • excellent product By john on 12/22/13

    This product works as described. Skimmer goes crazy for a week or so, but it's OK to turn it off during treatment. I have a mature mixed reef with tons of inverts and nothing was harmed and cyano was eradicated with one dose that was 25% the recommended amount.

    As for the risk of a mini cycle, I haven't seen evidence of this I my system. I'm sure some beneficial bacteria was killed, but in general cyano is not the same structure of beneficial bacteria colonies, it's a different animal entirely. Taken with the fact that I had no ammonia or nitrites spike I think it's a safe, quality solution to red slime algae.
  • Dont waste your time and money By Neo on 12/18/13

    Bought this item hoping to get rid of the problem which is algae red and green. I followed the instructions but at the end no change. Try a different product so you don't spend twice the money like I'm going to do!
  • Quick removal By John R on 7/31/13

    I added this to my tank and within a few days all the algae disappeared from my sand bed. Works nice and quick as long as you follow the instructions
  • Works By Jeromy on 7/30/13

    Works. You need to follow the direction carefully.
  • Dangerous stuff By JP on 4/14/13

    I used this product once, and it does work if you carefully follow the directions. However, it contains erythromycin succinate, a broad spectrum antibiotic which will kill, along with the cyanobacteria, much of the desirable/necessary bacteria in your system. By using this product, you risk causing your system to cycle all over again, which can be disastrous to the inhabitants of an established system.

    The person I spoke with at the UltraLife company also had an entirely cavalier attitude, refusing to address my concerns or answer my questions about the product contents. I will never use this product again, even though my experience with it was not a particularly negative one.

    I would recommend any chemical cyanobateria remover only in the case where corals are being suffocated by the stuff. For minor or moderate cases of infestation, PLEASE do not dump chemicals into the tank. Improve your husbandry and the cyanobacteria will slowly burn itself out and subside on its own.

    If you MUST use a chemical, I would suggest Boyd's ChemiClean instead. It does not contain antibiotics, and while its effects may not be as dramatic as the UltraLife, it is much, much safer for your system.

    Prevention is the key, so whatever you do, after your tank clears, fix the root of the problem so you won't need to use such products again.
  • Save me completely and the hobby for me. By earlgrey23 on 4/12/13

    I had tried everything I could and was on the verge of just calling it quits. My fish and corals were fine, but the tank was disgusting. No amount of water changes, and reduction in feeding and new media was helping.

    The 40 gallon breeder was covered in red slim....

    two treatments, one week and this product got rid of it all, my tank is pristine and everyone seems to be doing great.

    It is amazing and I am in love with it again.
  • works great By Robert on 4/4/13

    removed my red slim with one treatment
  • Worked Great By Alana on 1/14/13

    i have a 29 gal SW tank that has live rock, and is overstocked with fish. I went away on vacation and the tank was overfed and missed its once a week 10% water change. When i got back home, i realized that the back side of the rock (it is not touching the glass, but is not easily seen) was starting to turn red. At first i was not worried. Being my first SW tank, i thought it may just be something new growing that was OK.

    After a bit i realized it was not ok, and after much research i figured out it was red slime algea. I tried water changes, and purchased a few more snails for the tank. I worked on getting my nitrates down (this was also around the time i learned that my LFS was selling water that was not the cleanest - i have just placed an order for my own RO/DI unit).

    The snails would get after the red slime (i would actually place the snail directly on the slime) but the slime would be back the next day.

    I decided to finally use this product. I followed directions, however i did not use the full amount because i was still afraid, based on some other reviews i had seen.

    I gave the first dose. I turned off my skimmer. My water (which was normally crystal clear) turned a cloudy yellow for a few moments. I have peppermint shrimp, chromis, clowns, emerald crab, snails, zoas, blenny, and gobby. I did not lose a single fish, and non of the fish even seemed bothered by the treatment. Even a few minutes after treatment, they were all begging for food.

    On the 3rd day, i could see a huge difference in the red slime. It was basically gone. The larger tendrils where gone, with only small areas of rock with a slime covering. I did a 20% water change. Then did a second treatment.

    I waited another 3 days and then did another 20% change. All red slime was gone.

    I turned my skimmer back on, and it did go a little nuts for a little while and probably pulled out about 1 cup (as in measuring cup) of water (i stood by and kept emptying the skimmer). Then the skimmer settled down.

    I think i may have done another 10% water change the next day. I generally do a 10% change once a week, and one 20% change a month.

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