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UltraLife Red Slime Remover

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  • Attempting to Remove Cyano Bacteria | How To Tuesday

UltraLife Red Slime Remover

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  • Didn't work for me... By Shery on 4/30/2015

    Followed the directions completely, even did the second treatment. The problem did not get better, it got worse. I would not recommend using this.
  • Works as advertised By Deep Reef on 4/11/2015

    Having a problem with cyno everywhere. got my nutrients under control but it was still there. Used Red Slime Remover and with 24 hours it was gone with one treatment. It did make my skimmer go nuts for about a week, but they warn you in the documentation.
  • Not as happy with this product By Martha on 3/29/2015

    Had a recent outbreak of red cyano bacteria. This was our first experience with the dreaded slime. The ultralife definately slowed it down, but we wound up using another product to wipe it out.
  • Works As Advertised - Comes up short of 300gal as listed By plumkrazy80 on 3/3/2015

    Had a massive cyano outbreak in my tank. I had been keeping up with maintenance on my tank and even increased my water change interval, but it was still coming back with vengeance. After reading some reviews on here, I decided to give it a try. I used the 2 doses as advertised and it cleared about 90% of it up. Another couple water changes and I was good to go. No harm to any of my fish, inverts, and corals. I used air stones in my tank during the dosing as it specified. My only issue is that the package states it treats 300 gallons. I followed the directions exactly for the amount it requested and I came up about 2 spoonfuls short of 300 gallons. So if you have a large volume to treat, make sure you get some extra so you don't run out.
  • slime algae By Frank on 1/20/2015

    One dose and the red slime is gone in two days. Noticed no ill effects on my fish, corals and inverts.
  • works as advertised. By Anthony on 1/16/2015

    I had a bit of cyano and was curious if this product actually worked. I can say in my case it cleared up the cyano just as stated on the package. I would use it again if needed.
  • Works Perfectly By Mario on 1/7/2015

    I followed the instructions and after two applications all the cyano was gone. What I liked about this product is that it doesn't contain erythromycin and I could stay on my regularly scheduled water changes. Another plus is that I did not need to remove the carbon bags on my Red Sea Max C-250 tank.

    Hope this helps if considering the product.
  • Works very well if used properly By Richard on 12/31/2014

    I had an outbreak of the red cyano bacteria that was covering corals, rocks and the sand bed. After trying several other things I saw the video from BRS and decided to try it.

    It works very well. One dose and then a second one 48 hours later. Running a carbon canister to up the O2 during the time being used.

    The red slime is all gone. I plan on using this stuff again if it comes back.
  • Wonderful ptoduct! By Reefbear on 12/28/2014

    I highly recommend this product,had been trying unsuccessfuly for a month to get rid of the red algae. Used this product per instructions, and algae disappeared in less than 3 days. Tank has been clear of algae for 2 weeks now!!
  • Awesome product By Mack jr on 12/8/2014

    This works! Red slime gone in two days! Wow

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