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Aqua Lifter Pre-Filter

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Aqua Lifter Pre-Filter

SKU: 207114
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  • Air Leak By Garrick on 3/12/2014

    I couldn't get the pre-filter to work correctly, It sucks air into the filter. I tried different heights of the fitter (above and below) the water level. Maybe I got a bad filter or I'm using it wrong.
  • Great quality By Jason R on 2/13/2014

    Simple design makes it easy to service. Better quality than I expected for the price.
  • Use this to prevent failures By Melvin on 8/19/2013

    This is a great devise and keeps things from getting clogged. I keep 2 on hand just because Murphy's Law.
  • Needed for HOB Overflow Pump By Jack on 7/31/2013

    If you run a HOB Overflow and have a Tom's Aqualifter to maintain your siphon, this thing is basically a requirement. Any DT water going through the Aqualifter will eventually clog up the tiny channels and valves and cause the pump to stop running. If the check valves get clogged open, you will lose siphon and probably cause a flood. $3 to save your living room is definitely worth it. This is probably the best bang for the buck you will get from any equipment you buy.
  • Great for more than just filtering By r00t on 6/30/2013

    I use the aqualifter for my ATO with kalk. Using this filter and adding a bubble in it will make it float sucking up only kalk saturated water and nothing off the bottom of the reservoir. This has been working great for over a year.
  • Does what it says By Jason on 4/26/2012

    nice having that added filtration point before the pump to help increase the pumps longevity.
  • Great for dosing By Charlie on 5/24/2011

    Great insurance when using the aqua lifter as a dosing pump. Helps make sure that no clumps get sucked up. Or great for overflows that use the pump, I had one get clogged and had to buy a new pump. Would rather replace the filter from now on.

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