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Aqua Illumination Sol LED Module

  • Top notch! By Jordan on 10/2/2013

    I have been running 2 AI SOL's over my 55 reef for just about a year now. I absolutely love them, I have gotten amazing growth rates on them compared to my previous T5 setup. This is a great product and the price is perfect!
  • Nice Lights By Robert on 9/22/2013

    I have 2 of the AI Sol Blue lights hanging 12" over my 90 gallon display. These lights work great and I can control them with my apex. The only drawback is that they are not full spectrum, but I dont see that as a huge deal.
  • Great product, great price By Billdogg on 8/5/2013

    This is my 2nd AI Sol Blue - had to get another when I upgraded from a 60g to a 120g. They are easy to set up and put out an incredible amount of light.. When I get around to upgrading the T12 VHO's on my 150, I plan to look no further.
  • Great lights By Tom on 4/21/2013

    Love the sunrise and sunset use with Neptune Apex. I'm not sure if the fish like the storm but I think it's cool. Have I have four on my 125 gal mixed tank.
  • Amazing lights. By bigdeptex on 4/3/2013

    I bought these due to the fact that these lights would save me a ton in the long run. They put out amazing colors and my corals couldn't be happier.
  • good By Dustin on 3/31/2013

    I love these lights,they really make the corals pop and are easy to instal and control. i have had some bleaching issues dialing in the inensity, everything is good but the only con for me is it can bleach your corals easy and its hard to dial inn.other than that i love em. i have 5 lights over my 300 gallon mixed reef sps love the lights.lps and some softies not as much but still fine tunning.

    currently running
    32 white
    65 blu
    70 royaly blue
  • Rapid Who?!? By Tony on 3/26/2013

    When I got back into this hobby, I purchased a DIY LED kit for my 90g tank, and after spending 8 hours soldering, I was not happy with the color or options that I had with the kit. IMO, it's $500 out the window. Do yourself a favor and skip the DIY and get these, you will be money ahead.

    With the DIY kit, my corals would open, but not like they should. the light was plenty bright being cree led's, but the coloration of the corals left a LOT to be desired. As soon as I put these on, EVERYTHING opened up like it should and ONLY at the intensities posted below! Not the 95% that I had the DIY setup at.

    White = 65%
    Blue = 60%
    Royal = 60%

    With that setup, the corals look amazing, the shimmer is great, and everyone that sees the tank loves it.

    There was an issue with the storm function, but I will cover that under the "New Controller" review since it had nothing to do with the lights themselves.

    IMO, get these lights. I have 2 of them over my 90 with everything from Monti and acro, to a huge colt, to shrooms to zoo's, and everything is LOVING it. Best investment yet!
  • great light By jordan on 1/14/2013

    i have one over my 60 cube dont even have the light at 100% and have great lighting all over the tank
  • Awesome LED fixture, if you're not interested in DIY. By David on 1/9/2013

    I've had my LED fixture for two and a half months now. I purchased it for a 40 breeder (36 inches long) and hung it parallel to the tank vice perpendicular, which is what AI's website recommends. I did this initially because I only intended to keep one unit over the tank. Now, after two and a half months, my focus has shifted to an SPS dominated tank. Now that I'm heading that route, I would absolutely recommend that you follow manufacturers recommendations and get one unit for every 12 inches of coverage ( length-wise).

    I have seen a decent amount of growth from acropora, montipora, seriatopora, various zoanthids and a slew of LPS.

    That being said, I would do the research and see if this system is best for you. There are a ton of different systems out there, some including red, green and UV LEDs. This system contains none of these. You can build a DIY unit of better performance at a comparable price.
  • Love this fixture By Kevin on 12/27/2012

    This was recommended to me by a friend and I am amazed by it. I had that post purchase jitters due to price but it was worth every penny. It was easy to set up looks good over my rimless tank and the lighting looks amazing. I have been running thunderstorms every night since I got it !

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