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Korallen-Zucht Coral Snow

  • A noticeable product By Jake mills central IL on 2/23/14

    For a few months i had been fighting a cyano outbreak and between coral snow and KZ's other cyano drops I was able to start beating the outbreak down without having to use other products as chemiclean orem tablets... and to top it all off my clam had opened up twice as much after I started using this if you want to spend a couple extra bucks for a product that has noticeable and completed gains then the KZ'S products are the way to go!
  • Minimal Improvement By DavidS on 11/11/13

    I brought this product because it claims to improve clarity, within the aquarium. Perhaps for aquariums that are a bit cloudy, but mine is pretty clear and this product provided no discernible improvement.
    I also heard that combining this with ZEOBAK can eliminate Cyano.
    Since I have a Cyano bloom in my HOB refugium, I thought I'd give it a try. I have been using it for almost two weeks and there is no reduction in the Cyano.
  • great super clear water By Ryan on 8/20/12

    I dose this every 3rd day along with some other zeo products and everything looks great. I add this after lights out because it does make the water very cloudy.
  • Great Product By Tom on 6/4/12

    I would recommend this for every tank. It does wonders for clarity and health of corals. The whole zeovit system is great. a little pricey but thats nothing new to us reefers
  • Clear Water By Wesley on 4/13/11

    This is a good product to use to get crystal clear water, dose a few times a week keeps the tank crystal clear. Coral snow also helps when having any issues or poor overall look of corals.
  • great for (or against!) cyano By Karin on 10/21/10

    the bio pellets helped me keep my tank clear of hair algae but I still had cyano.
    I've been using a combination of KZ coral snow, ZeoZym and ZeoBak and it has done a great job at wiping out the cyano.
    I felt safer using this product rather than antibiotics (which can damage the biological filtration) or oxidizers (which can damage fish gills, etc.)

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