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Korallen-Zucht Amino Acid Concentrate LPS

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Korallen-Zucht Amino Acid Concentrate LPS


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100 mL Amino Acid Concentrate LPS
SKU: 207146
Earn 22 Reward Points
250 mL Amino Acid Concentrate LPS
SKU: 207031
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500 mL Amino Acid Concentrate LPS
SKU: 207040
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  • Impressed By John on 12/19/2014

    I just dosed it today for the first time. I didn't notice anything different at first but about an hour later I had feeder tentacles coming out of corals that I had never seen before. My Trumpet was extended, my Favia was extended, my Plates and Tongue seemed the same but my Welso was ridiculously inflated. It almost didn't look real. I know this is only the first day so I cant say if it helps with growth but I can say that I am impressed.
  • Really like this product! By BBengtson on 11/11/2014

    While fairly new in the reefing world, I must say that my torch,hammer,and other LPS look VERY healthy and happy! Have been using this for about 8 months and the growth i observe is great. Would definitely keep using this as I think its a definite plus for a mixed reef.
  • Ok By Shawn on 11/10/2014

    Didn't see any improvement with any corals.
  • very nice product for LPS By bbengtson on 11/6/2014

    I have been using this for about 6 months . My torch,hammer, and other LPS corals are happy and growing extremely well. Will be continuing its use for sure.
  • Awesome for LPS corals By William on 8/13/2014

    I have been using this product for 3 months now and my LPS corals have almost doubled in size since I started using it. I have to frag my Duncans because the mother colony was out growing it's space. This stuff works!!!
    I highly recommend this product. Worth the investment!
  • Excellent for LPS Corals By Nike on 7/31/2014

    Been using additives for one month now and has noticed a remarkable difference. My Duncans have doubled in size. Other LPS corals are showing a remarkable difference in color and expansion.
  • Didn't notice any effect By Trevor on 4/21/2014

    I have lots of LPS corals (torch, maze, frogspawn, trumpets, favia, etc) but didn't notice any of them impacted by dosing this product. Wouldn't buy again.
  • Great extention By Ezra on 1/27/2014

    I have been using the Amino Acid Concentrate for a little over a month now and i must say that it has help my LPS greatly. My Blasto's have never looked better. It has really helped my most recent addition a blast wellsi that was looking pretty rough. A few weeks after starting this it is looking really healthy. This stuff works wonders on corals that are injured.
  • amazing By bmg on 12/16/2013

    I would after a week of using this product all of my lps corals are loving it. I have polyp extension bigger than i ever seen before and even some skeletal growth. My frogspawn was almost dead due to an algae bloom a few months back now you almost cant tell it was damaged. Very wonderful product I will be ordering much more.
  • Great supplement By Sergio on 12/1/2013

    Lps and soft corals are displaying brighter coloration and polyp expansion as stated on the item description. So far best lps suplement I have used.

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