Finnex HPS Digital Submersible Heater

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Finnex HPS Digital Submersible Heater

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HPS-100 Finnex Digital Submersible Heater
SKU: 300126
HPS-200 Finnex Digital Submersible Heater
SKU: 300127
HPS-300 Finnex Digital Submersible Heater
SKU: 300128
  • Quit working after 3 weeks By on 3/31/2016

    Worked good for 3 weeks,easy to set temp and the led numbers are easy to read.But because of quality I can not recommend it.
  • Good For the price By on 3/7/2016

    Nice heater and a good value. It is very easy to set the temperature. I recommend getting 2 at half the wattage required or 3 at 1/3 the wattage is even better. All heaters will fail at some point don't take the chance with a single heater no matter what brand. I also recommend a controller backup to warn you of a problem.
  • Nice Heater By on 7/28/2015

    I love how easy it is to set it and forget it. Love the digital temp display too. Price is great. I did have one fail after about 3 months but that was years ago. I have owned 3 and also a different model from the same company. Only that one had problems.
  • great heater By on 2/2/2015

    have had no problems. seems accurate and a lot better than my older heater. i have no complaints.
  • Great heater for the price By on 4/29/2014

    Does the job for prepping water temp for water changes. I like the external temp probe to easily tell me when my water is ready. I do take some of the advise from users above and would hate to use a cheap heater on my main system so I keep a Fluval E heater on main. Great bang for the buck Finnex.
  • Cheap but works By on 3/7/2014

    What can you expect for the low price. It works, so no complains here. It's been holding the temperature steady on my 30 gallon.
  • QUIT AFTER 2 MONTHS By on 1/4/2014

    I started using the 300 in the sump of my 100 gallon system just over 2 months ago and discovered that it has quit working already. With the amount of money and attachment I have invested in livestock I can't afford to have a heater quit working on me like this.
  • worked great until I saw moisture inside By on 11/24/2013

    This heater worked great for me for 5 months and I started to notice moisture on the inside of the white sand that is around the coil. Since I have alot of corals and fish that are worth big $$ I didnt want to risk it so I went out and purchased a neo-therm. Better spend more $ on a better heater then losing your livestock to a failure. hope this helps.
  • great budget heater By on 5/21/2013

    Don't let the price fool you. This budget heater has been in my tanks for quite some time and had no issues. I wish they made a smaller wattage version for my nano tanks.
  • priced right By on 5/7/2013

    I 've been using this heater for over a year, and it's been holding the set temperature pretty accurately. Priced right too.