BRS Color Changing Medical Grade CO2 Absorbent

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BRS Color Changing Medical Grade CO2 Absorbent

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  • Great! By Artem on 11/3/2015

    It works!
  • It's great By Steven on 9/17/2015

    Works exactly as you would expect, removing CO2 which increases your PH (at least it did that for me). I only wish the color change would last longer and not go from white to purple (lavender?) back to white. Of course when you test and your PH starts to go down you know its time to replace.
  • The Best By DAVID on 9/10/2015

    This product has not only help cut down the CO2 but has kept my PH at 8.0- 8.2. Before my Ph would go from 7.6 - 8.0 through out the day while ALk levels was as high as 11. Now I can kepep the ALK at 9 /10 with the Ph stable.
  • Does help with PH. By Franklyn on 12/17/2014

    The product does what it advertises, the only complaint I have is that it exhaust quicker than advertise. I normally have to replace the media every 2 weeks. With that said, this is been the only way I have been able to stabilize my PH. Before the CO2 scrubber my PH would drop below 7.8 and now Im able to maintain it at around 8.0
  • Works Great By Pat on 5/18/2014

    I was having issues with my PH being to low. I did some research to correct it and found that the CO2 levels where affecting my PH. If I had friends over I would see a rapid drop in my tanks PH. We do not open the doors or windows much as it is very hot in Florida. I first tried a different brand to see if a CO2 scrubber would work which it did. When I discovered BRS and there CO2 media I tried it and am very happy with the results. It works and stabilizes my PH using a reactor connected to my skimmer air intake.
  • ND Winter = Low pH By Jordan on 4/29/2014

    I love this stuff. I am not really able to open up windows for 3+ months/year due to North Dakota's crazy winters. This keeps my pH between 8.1 and 8.4 consistently. I run it in a BRS reactor.
  • Works but at a price By Brennen on 3/26/2014

    This stuff does what it says. I noticed a change right away, ph stayed higher at night with less swings. I live in an apartment with a lot of trapped co2. The major con is that the media does not last long. I have been running a canister on my reef octopus skimmer for about 5 days now and its nearly exhausted and ph is back down to were it was. So I don't know if I would consider this a fix for the problem. If you can, run your skimmer line outside for fresh oxygen.
  • Great Product By Anne on 12/30/2013

    I had been having ph problems for months and could not open all of the windows in my house year-round nor could I justifiably run an airline from my tank to the outdoors. To solve the problem I bought the BRS Universal Air Filter along with this CO2 Absorbent. Both have been working great and ph has come up. Before running the air filter on my skimmer air intake my ph was 7.4-7.6 day and night. Now after running this for only a few days my ph has been steady at 7.7-7.8 and occasionally peaks at 7.9 at the tail end of the day.

    The media is being used up quite quickly but I'm assuming that is because I have a rather high CO2 concentration in my home. This is definitely a good product that I would recommend to anyone with low ph issues related to CO2 levels.
  • Low pH got you down? By Tommy Gee on 12/30/2013

    Many of us reefers cannot be satisfied if any of the parameters of our tank fall outside of what is considered to be the 'acceptable norm.'

    Only after countless attempts to improve what I felt was too low of pH range (e.g. 7.78 to 7.9X) did I discover a few things about pH.

    After reading several articles, I came across one written by Randy Holmes-Farley. Only after reading two publications on pH and Alkalinity did I understand how to better manage pH.

    What did I discover? It was the concentration of CO2 in the air that was depressing the pH in my mixed reef! But how could I overcome the air (concentrations) within my home?

    1.) Open the windows. Nope. I live in Florida where it is warm-hot much of the year.

    2.) Run a feeding line through the wall to the outside to draw fresh air to my tank. Nope. This one doesn't pass the "wife-test."

    3.) Utilize a CO2 scrubber. Yes!

    Soon after I received my BRS Media Reactor and CO2 color changing Media did I see an improvement in pH.

    Installation of the Reactor (and the Media) was a snap.

    The BRS Reactor comes with quality airline tubing and a media container. Just add the color changing media to the container, then add one teaspoon of RO water to the cylinder, then drop the container into the Reactor.

    Now connect the Reactor to your skimmer. The airline feeding my skimmer was connected to the OUT line of the reactor. I used the provided quality tubing provided to make this connection. In this configuration, the Reactor pulls in air from the room, scrubs it, then delivers it to the skimmer ('scrubbed' of excess CO2).

    How much of an improvement was achieved? Well prior to the installation, the pH (on the low side) was 7.6X, with higher side at 7.8X.

    With the scrubber operational, I noticed about a .15 to .20 increase in pH. Now the pH (on the low side) was 7.8X, with the higher reading (after the midday lighting was achieved) of 8.0X. Success!

    Am I satisfied? Yes. By the way, I have been using this product now for 10 months with good results.
  • Does what is says By Christopher on 11/12/2013

    This another great product from BRS. it solves what most of us experience and that is low PH. my PH was running between 7.7 and 8.0. Using this product I am able to maintain a more stable PH between 7.9 and 8.3. The downfall of course is price and the longevity of the media will depend on how much CO2 is in your house so results will vary by user. In the mean time this will work for me but in the future I think I will try an air line from the outdoors to my skimmer. I think I will be able to maintain the same results. Another great product from BRS!!!

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