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Deluxe CPR Continuous Siphon Overflows

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Deluxe CPR Continuous Siphon Overflows

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Deluxe CS50 with Lid and Aqua Lifter
SKU: 206560
Earn 109 Reward Points
Deluxe CS90 with Lid and Aqua Lifter
SKU: 206561
Earn 119 Reward Points
Deluxe CS100 with Lid and Aqua Lifter
SKU: 206562
Earn 129 Reward Points
Deluxe CS102 with Lid and Aqua Lifter
SKU: 206563
Earn 139 Reward Points
Deluxe CS150 with Lid and Aqua Lifter
SKU: 206564
Earn 149 Reward Points
  • Overflow By Ty on 3/6/2015

    I was abit uneasy about hooking up a overflow to my 60gal (never worked with pvc before) But it was a breeze, and the CS90 has worked like a champ. Not loud at all and skims water great. Thanks to BRS for the great product!!
  • no Better service, no better product. Thanks BRS!!! By Trinnium on 2/26/2015

    If you need an over flow box, this is the one to get. If you’re not sure where or whom to perches it from, then someone has failed to direct you to BRS!!!. Amazing product!! Amazing service!!, that sums it all up. O yea!! I am real person like you, not someone that works for them or computer generated:). Just saying :).
  • Does its job By Sean on 2/16/2015

    It works like it is supposed to and its the only option I have now. But it is a little big and requires a lot of room behind the aquarium.
  • good product By Ken on 1/26/2015

    If you are not able to get a pre-drilled tank these are great products. You can regulate the flow from the return pump and make it virtually silent. It can be difficult to clean but I have only had to do that on a few occasions. This is my second CPR overflow, the first was 10 years old and I had no problems with it, I damaged it moving my 75 to another room so this is a replacement. The aqualifter, I can take it or leave it. I was using a MaxiJet 1200 with the same results plus the added benefit of additional current.
  • lifter pump runtime By Greg on 12/22/2014

    If you are worried about the lifter pump failing after it has run so long it dies (I read this concern), what you can do is put a refractometer in line with the tubing. You could probably use a Smart ATO, and if it senses a refraction due to salt water it will be off, If the refractive index is that of air, it will turn on. Much like it behaves in a sump turning on an auto fill cycle. Seems like a lot of trouble though. The lifter pump is a safe guard against air pocket build up in your overflow and is not necessary for the overflow to run. It is a safe guard and certainly recommended. Much better than U-tubes.
  • CS90; The perfect HOB overflow By Greg on 12/21/2014

    Installed a CS90 w/lifter pump. Plugged it in. Done. Perfect. I too got a little gurgling at first however, then increased my flow to hold at about an inch above the head of the filter guard on the intake. Silent.
  • Excellent By Roger on 11/20/2014

    I've had this overflow for almost a year now. It works flawlessly. Easy to assemble and use.
  • Great Product By Bill on 9/7/2014

    I have been useing this over flow for about 8 years. I just replaced it because the nipple for the vaccume pump broke off. I have never had a siphon break in all those years. When the power goes off, it starts up quickly and resumes the flow. If you do not have a drilled tank, get this product
  • quality product By Eric on 7/26/2014

    Purchased this because I cannot drill holes in my tank. I was nervous when buying this because of it possibly failing, but it has been running constantly with no issues. When power goes out it drains into sump and when power comes back on the siphon restarts and works just like it should.
  • Good By Victor on 3/11/2014

    I have the CPR102 on my 75 gallon with 40gal sump. I like how quiet it is, it does need a little tweaking to get it quiet My Skimmer is louder than this

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