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Deluxe CPR Continuous Siphon Overflows

  • Excellent By Roger on 11/20/2014

    I've had this overflow for almost a year now. It works flawlessly. Easy to assemble and use.
  • Great Product By Bill on 9/7/2014

    I have been useing this over flow for about 8 years. I just replaced it because the nipple for the vaccume pump broke off. I have never had a siphon break in all those years. When the power goes off, it starts up quickly and resumes the flow. If you do not have a drilled tank, get this product
  • quality product By Eric on 7/26/2014

    Purchased this because I cannot drill holes in my tank. I was nervous when buying this because of it possibly failing, but it has been running constantly with no issues. When power goes out it drains into sump and when power comes back on the siphon restarts and works just like it should.
  • Good By Victor on 3/11/2014

    I have the CPR102 on my 75 gallon with 40gal sump. I like how quiet it is, it does need a little tweaking to get it quiet My Skimmer is louder than this
  • Does the job By Reefer368 on 3/4/2014

    I have the cs 150 for my 125 gallon tank and 40 gallon sump it is awesome except for the fact that my system is hard plumbed and it is pretty loud with the gurgling of the water
  • Works great very happy with it! By Jorge on 2/24/2014

    We are very happy with our choice and would say no problems at all with it.
  • CS90 Great product By O'D on 2/5/2014

    I originally went the cheapest/ugliest route and constructed overflows out of PVC via DIY videos on YouTube. While they were indeed cheap, functional, and gave a sense of accomplishment, it just didn't look good, and brought a constant fear factor knowing the flaws of that system. I was toying with the idea of drilling the tank, but soon decided a HOB overflow would be the safest route. These overflows are great, but I would like to know how long the pump will last until it burns out...while the siphon remains despite the pump being turned off (or if it died), if the power goes out and then comes back on and you're not there to start the siphon again, you could easily flood the tank and cause big problems. I would definitely say the pros out weigh what little cons there are with this. I'm not having any noise problems, but if you do, there are videos for standpipes to help with this.
  • Not Happy By shawn on 12/20/2013

    first of all, not thrilled that you have to add a siphon pump to make this thing work! Second if you hard pipe the unit it is very loud.All the adjusting in the world wouldn't stop the gurgling. I had to make two pipes that fit into the drains (thank god for you tube). Overall i don't think i would not recommend this to anybody that wants to hard pipe their systems.
  • Good option By Daniel on 9/19/2013

    If your tank is tempered like mine and you don't have a reef ready design, this is your best option. Just make sure you establish a water level for both your tank and sump. If either your siphon fails or your pump turns off you could have an overflow in your tank or your sump [double trouble]. Also be sure to use a good ball valve or two on your lines to regulate flow... It makes a bit too much noise, and the pre-filter will clog eventually, so do your maintenance, and this will work well for you....
  • Best alternative to a drilled tank By Tim on 5/2/2013

    I've been running this set up for about a year. As other reviewers have noted, the aqua lifter pump maintains and restarts the siphon even in the event of a power outage. So far, I've had no problems. A couple of notes: 1) As an added precaution, I drilled a 1/8" hole in my return just below the surface of the water. In the event of a power failure, this will stop the return from back-siphoning into the sump and overflowing it; 2) If you have the proper sized sump for your tank, you can tinker with the water level in the sump, keeping it low enough to accommodate water flowing back from the tank if the power fails. Nothing is fool- or idiot-proof, but if you follow the instructions and do the maintenance, this is the next best thing.

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