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CPR CITR In-Tank Refugium

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CPR CITR In-Tank Refugium

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Small CITR In-Tank Refugium
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Large CITR In-Tank Refugium
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  • Faulty Pump By Pat on 5/22/2014

    Pumps isn't reliable. Acrylic joints already coming apart. Could have done just as good making it myself.
  • Works for me By LOUIS on 2/15/2013

    I am using this for when I have to tear down a tank and move the livestock to another smaller tank temporarily. I opened the package looked at all the items provided and put the parts needed together. No issues with it holding it’s self to the side of the tank. I plan on using this on future moving around since I tend to move about every 2 to 3 years.
  • Refugium, I don't know but great holding and aclimating container By Puffer on 5/9/2012

    The small model is a bit too small to be used effectively as a fuge, the larger model might do. I have purchased both to be used as holding tanks for bullied fish or newly introduced fish.

    It allows newly introduced fish to hang around this container with its own hiding places (live rock or pvc pieces) while it gets comfortable. It also allows your newly acquired specimen to be target fed so that it doesn't have to compete for food with established fish. Just few days is all that is needed for the fish to acclimate to new feeding schedule, different foods, water parameters etc. Few days/weeks later I just release the fish into the tank after the lights are off and the next day they swim around and feed like they were always there.

    Obviously this isn't going to work with 12" tangs but smaller fish like clowns, gobies, blennies fare good. I have yet to loose a fish using this "intro" method. As already mentioned I have both sizes and each has its own application. Great finish and comes with small powerhead to circulate the water, which I feel is too strong so I leave it out.
  • pumps do not restart By moondoggy on 1/2/2012

    After I put this thing all together and the fish in, I turned on the pump it would not start, so I had remove the the whole thing half the suction cups pulled off and the fish got out, typical rio pumps.
  • depends on what you are using it for By Jacques Cousteau on 11/18/2010

    this is way to small to be used for growing algae as a nutrient export so it is worthless in that aspect. However I put one in my 29 biocube to produce copepods with the idea I could put a mandarin in there. I'd call it mixed results. it works and provides enough food for the mandarin but even though this is small it is pretty big to be inside a biocube. I would recommend it for larger tanks where it is less noticeable.

    BTW because I knew I was pushing my luck with this I looked for the most porous substrate i could find to put inside and I waited over a year to add the mandarin. At the time the best substrate I could find was a ceramic media called RefresH20 and came in small 1/2" marbles. I cant find it anymore but it looks very similar to the MarinePure ceramic media except they only sell 1.5" balls. I might try crushing it up. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/products/sumps-and-refugiums/bioballs-and-biomedia .

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