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HI713-25 Phosphate Checker Reagents - Marine & Fresh Water

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HI713-25 Phosphate Checker Reagents - Marine & Fresh Water

SKU: 206220
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  • Must have By Guy16601 on 12/30/2014

    If you have the checker then brs is the place to buy great price and fast shipping!
  • A must have for your meter! By Josh on 12/12/2014

    Well, not much else to say other than you need these to perform the test. Kind of a pain to get all of the powder into the sample but it's much better than performing a color match test! BRS has basically everything you need and can answer any questions.
  • A MUST HAVE By Mark on 11/24/2014

    The title says it all. If you've got a Hanna 713 you'll definitely need to pick these up. The reagents should should last a little while too since you get 25. I don't mind retesting or testing more frequently because they're cheap. I'd recommend buying them at BRS because they treat their customers like gold.
  • will order again By mike on 10/24/2014

    Really nice product just takes time to pour the reagent but it's worth not trying to match colors
  • Good product by a great company By Christopher Kirkland on 6/25/2014

    Works very well. Had one bad reagent (empty pouch) come in. Called hanna and they replaced the whole box. Very accurate and super easy to use.
  • Work as promised By Chicago on 3/25/2014

    I have used these for years with great success. Good company. Any issues just contact Hanna. I called once to question the reagents. They sent out a new batch no questions asked. A complete box. They also asked what batch number I was using. Seems they track to see if any ate bad or having issues.
  • Great product By Ourisland42 on 2/20/2014

    No more color wheel!

    Buy in larger quantities to lower your overall cost. I just cut off one corner that is about the opening of the container and tap the powder in. Excellent product, will reorder......... BRS is great!!!!
  • Worth it, for accurate results. By Felixpaws on 12/20/2013

    If you can get these with points, on sale or both, I'd recommend getting these. The Hanna checkers aren't more convenient, but more accurate than regular tests. For the price, you could get a Red Sea or other name brand reliable test kit, and compare results. Taking the middle ground on the numbers would be safer than just trusting one kit over another. Test with three good test kits, compare results, choose the median, and go from there. Easy peezey.
  • Worth the effort By bdmyers on 12/17/2013

    Takes a little extra time, but knowing you are getting an accurate reading and not a false sense of security makes it worth it.
  • I finally know what my phosphates really are. By bdmyers on 12/17/2013

    Yes, it is a bit of a pain to use, but knowing I'm getting an accurate measure makes it OK. I'd rather make the extra effort and get a real reading than do it the easy way and get a false sense of security.

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