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VorTech Battery Back-up

SKU: 300233

  • Excellent product By Saved my Tank! on 4/6/14

    This battery back-up arrived just in time. I ordered the battery just in case of a power outage and thank goodness I did. The day after it arrived we had a local road contractor hit a power transformer knocking out the power for over eight hours. The battery back-up kicked in and kept my two VorTech heads running the full time and nothing in my 150 gallon tank was lost.
  • received damaged By ryan on 3/3/14

    item was received damaged and I am awaiting a replacement... great product when it works
  • Great option for short power outages By Not Australian on 1/19/14

    I have had several short power outages lasting 2-4 hours lately at my house which got me a little nervous about my tanks, so this is a perfect alternative to firing up the generator. Very easy to set up and attach to my two ecotech pumps and works perfectly when I tested it. The price is kind of high for a basic lead acid battery, but the peace of mind is definitely worth it to know I won't come home to dead fish and/or corals. Also helps reduce the wife's stress level when Im away for work, and that definitely makes my life easier!! If you have already forked over the money for the ecotech pumps (which are fantastic)then this is also worth adding to your system.
  • Now worry free By Andrew on 1/7/14

    Along with buying the MP10, this battery back up had helped me to no longer worry about losing flow in my tank while I'm away. Since I work for a fire department, and gone for a minimum of 24 hours at a time, I know that am going to still have flow in my tank of a power outage occurs. Up to 3 days of battery backup,you can't beat it.
  • WORKS GREAT! By Jeff on 12/16/13

    I have this set up to run a pump on my 2 tanks. I've tested and works great!
  • Life saver By Kristie on 12/14/13

    Bought this earlier than needed, so I could route the wiring behind and under my New 90 gal. Haven't had a power outage in a couple of years, and new I was on borrowed time. Sure enough, Typical michigan storm = no power. I was able to hook it up in a matter of seconds. After I found the flashlight anyways! Worked great. Would have given it five stars, but one of the jacks, just doesn't fit well. I think it will have to be taped in place for my final assembly on the 90.
  • You need this By Richard on 11/4/13

    You just spent good money on EcoTech pumps, because you know they will keep your corals happy. But when the power goes out, this will save your bacon!!! Your fish and corals lives depend on it... Be warned, it's HEAVY... Plan where you want to place it in advance.
  • Great piece of mind, expensive but worth the price. By Jim on 9/15/13

    Great piece of mind, expensive but worth the price. I actually bought an equivalently priced ups and it would only give my 90 min of backup power because or the power inverter. I put that on my PC and got this for my display. The added bonus is that you don't loose your night mode setting when the power goes out.
  • does what it is suppose to By ROGERWILCO357 on 9/8/13

    Well living in michigan and with the power always going out during snow storms and such it has worked like a champ and this unit is years old . When i bought it they came with a mickey mouse plug for recharging it and it went bad in year two but with the great customer service i have come accustom to using Ecotechs stuff like mp10-mp40 eco units to mp20’s upgraded i have never had any issues other that the plug which they upgraded and replaced mine without issue or added cost awesome CS. period will buy more from this company..
  • Already has saved lives By Carl on 8/8/13

    Took less than a month for us to a 5 hour outage. I have these on 3 tanks and all life survived. Probably the best accessory for the vortech pumps

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