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VorTech MP40w ES Propeller Pump - EcoTech Marine

SKU: 300232

  • Powerful Pump, moves water By Ryan on 4/14/14

    I have a 110 tall tank and I have this guy mounted about 6 inches from the top water level, this pump can move some water. It is very quiet and outside of it protruding from the side, you hardly notice it is there. I have a newer setup, so I'm sure after the coralline sets in, it will blend right in. I was going to go with the mp10 but due to the thickness of my glass, I had to move up to the mp40. BRS was quick to ship and great customer service.
  • Best pump By Jesus on 4/6/14

    This thing is the best pump ever... I use nothing else for my setup.
  • junk By gmerek on 3/13/14

    Driver is cheaply made and broke. EcoTech would not cover under warranty. $160 replacement part. Buy more reasonably priced pumps. It can be a little loud even if you do take the 30 min to position the pump in that perfect spot.
  • Excellent Pump!! By Ernie on 3/7/14

    I've been a fan of EcoTech Radions ever since I purchased my first one about 8 months ago. So naturally I was was very keen on getting one of these. Finally was able to get one and I'm completely happy.
    Opened it up Followed the instructions.Had it up and going in like 15 min. And that includes pairing it with the WXM module I bought for control. And its extremely quiet. Just a slight hum is all I hear at highest power.
    Only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that is stationary No way to direct the flow except straight ahead.
  • better than any other pump i have used. By alfred on 2/24/14

    they do work like advertised,they have maintained my sand bed cleaner,and they do have power to stir things corals are happier.
    now nothing is perfect, the eye sore that was in the display tank is now on the out-side,the noise level is there but the pump works so well that i will live with it.would be a 5 star if there would be some kind of adjust-ability (flow direction) even minimum would great.

    i have a mp40 and a mp10 as a support. master/slave set-up and it was an easy set-up.i have a 6ft 125 gallon tank,this set-up seems to be the minimum required for me since i keep them at 70% due to the noise level goes up at any higher setting.
  • Two thumbs up! By Jay on 2/22/14

    THE best damn pumps on the market. Pricey stuff but you get what you pay for. A little complicated to figure out at first but thats what you tube is for.
  • Fantastic System By Corey on 2/11/14

    Although the cost can shy people away it saves a lot of money over having to have 5 or more of the other power heads and then a wave maker. The mp40's keep my acros looking great while being able to adjust the flow of both pumps with wireless up grade they come with standard now, keeps things simple. I use reef crest during the day then switch it over to lagoon at night. These two pumps were actually enough to power my 225 by them selves.
  • You get what you pay for By Kelly on 2/11/14

    Best wave maker hands down. If you have the money (which is alot considering what its for), and you're wondering about this product, all of these reviews should answer any performance questions. They are worth it. Your fish, coral, and liverock will thank you.
  • Amazing power By Clifton on 1/14/14

    These pumps are super powerful and can create waves perfectly. Well worth the money. Don't waste time and money on anything else!
  • great and smart product just pricey By turbotone on MR on 1/13/14

    I'm running 2 mp40wes pumps on a 75 gallon mixed reef tank.(48x18). i run them 70% at the control and ease of these pumps.. i have them on both sides one higher then the other so the current is not crashing with each other..planning on upgrading my tank to a 120 (48x24x24) and running 3 mp40wes putting the third one on the back wall.. if could go back i would purchase 2 mp10wes for the back wall just because i don't need so much power in the rear pushing forward…i went bigger bc these motors ramping up and down can be a lil louder then a normal pump so running them on lower power helps.. it also helps to keep the motors cooler being they're not running as hard..the motor tends to heat up but definitely runs cooler at lower levels..and if you ever want to turn them up to stir things up prior a water change you can do so and really stir things up as well.. i run the light pink all day ( might be lagoon not sure but it alternates) and at 12am it goes into sleep mode for a few hrs before it turns back on to the light pink in the morning.. looking forward to mixing things up with different modes on my neptunes system and controlling my lights as well ( 3 radions xr30s ) over all great pump only negative really is they can get a lil loud and hot to the touch if ran on high a lil cooler if ran lower..the price is a lil high but anything good usually is in this hobby.. oh and there easy to clean and disassemble… if you have the money purchase them but don't believe there measurements this is one of those things to go bigger on and run lower power on then going smaller and running on maximum…

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