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VorTech MP10w ES Propeller Pump - EcoTech Marine

SKU: 300231

  • Great Pumps Amazingly Powerful By Jetpilotice on 4/13/14

    These are great pumps i replaced 2 Korlia's I figured out very quickly how weak they were compared to the output of what even one of the vortech's can produce. I would have gave them 5 stars but I don't like it that I can hear the pumps and I think the price is high. They have been on the tank for a week now and have quieted down compared to the first day I was very disappointed in the noise. I have to give that to the Korila's they were dead silent.

    Next purchase will be the WXM Module to add to the Apex.
  • Powerfull and controlable pumps best yet By KEITH on 4/9/14

    These power heads do a great job love the control you have. I am sure it will only get better as I learn more about the options.As always great advise and service from BRS.
  • Amazing pump By Rick on 4/8/14

    I have two of the MP10w ES in a 30 gallon tank. Both are sync'd thru my Apex controller to run different flow patterns throughout the day. There are no dead flow spots in the tank. These pumps are amazing and can produce anything from a gentle flow to a storm surge. One of these pumps is more than enough for this size tank and I will be taking one out of this tank and putting it my second tank when the build and set up is complete.

    The user interface on these is acceptable but they really shine when paired with the Apex. The big plus to these pumps is there is no electric wiring running into the tank and the heat from the motor stays outside the tank. That's a big help with heat management if you aren't running a chiller. These also take up much less room inside the tank.

    These cost more than other pumps out there but in my opinion they are worth it.

  • Great power head By KDL on 4/1/14

    This power head gives you great control and versatility, highly recomend this product.
  • Probably one of the best, most fully featured wavemakers on the market. By Kyle on 3/20/14

    No conversation about wavemakers would be complete without mentioning vortech and for good reason. In their price range, I dont think there are any pumps that have the features and power that these offer. Plus you don't have to see any wires running in to your tank! I was always on the edge about purchasing them but in the end, they were worth every penny. Excellent undertow, great non linear flow and all the different modes make this pump well worth it. If you have it maxed out, it can be a little loud though, so I would recommend either oversizing it to your tank, or running multiple pumps. Beauty of it is if you do run multiple vortechs, they can wirelessly synch to each other to increase efficiency and power. Highly recommend!
  • The Best By Jabaar on 3/19/14

    As you've read, I'm sure, these pumps are amazing. I have 2 in my 65 gal. From the moment you put these pumps in your tank, you and your corals realize what you have been missing. consistant movement all over your tank to nutrient export to laggon, its all good!!! My only neg- I wish I could afford more
  • MP10w ES 55 gal mixed reef By Nate on 3/5/14

    I want to say these are awesome pumps. I had 2 1050 hydor pumps 2 750 hydor pumps and one tunze pump in my 55 gal to get the right flow for my mixed reef. I looked everywhere to see if 2 MP10s would be enough or to go with the MP40's. I took a gamble on the MP10s and I was shocked how much they do. They give out better flow patterns then the other pumps I had. So if someone is on the fence 2 MP10s are enough flow for a mostly sps dominated tank. I have this paired up to my Apax and love them. I will say that you will have to adjust the wet side if you hear a vibrating noise. I called EcoTech they had me take the wet side apart and put it back together and they are silent. I love them! thanks EcoTech!!
  • Worth It By Jesse on 2/28/14

    These pumps are great. Easy set up, Awsome flow, and tons of options. Worth the price
  • Amazing pump! By Steven on 2/25/14

    Before purchasing this pump I had 2 Koralia 600's in my 40 gallon tank. I could not seem to get good flow other than where the pumps were pointing at. This pump has changed everything for me. I purchased only one of these and everything has changed in my tank. My corals are looking better and seem to be more full. I love the short pulse mode to make a beautiful wave in my tank. Also the nutrient export mode does a nice job of cleaning your tank of detritus. Very easy setup, and simple instructions to get the mode that is right for you. Only thing I would say negative about this is the price. Although, the price is high it is worth it.
  • Great Pumps By Mark on 2/16/14

    I got 2 pumps for my 60 gal reef tank. They were easy to set up and program. They are awesome!!!! The fish and corals seem to really enjoy the water movement. With so many features, great water flow , they are well worth the money.

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