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VorTech MP10 ES Propeller Pump - EcoTech Marine

SKU: 300230

  • Great quality and great wave maker! By Ronstopbl on 3/4/14

    Added this to my 50 gallon cube reef tank and it has made an incredible difference. Corals love it! Anemones love it! Fish love it! Makes water movement so natural looking that its hard to believe its a closed system. Takes some work to set up programming but that may be due to user error-hehehe! Another great product worth the money in my opinion. Keep up the great work Vortech!
  • Waves By Al on 2/20/14

    The biggest thing for me is i have been trying to find a "wavemaker" for a decent price. Not to knock any other wave makers i have the smart wave with two pumps. Works great but if u add the prices up for the two pumps and the wave maker. You have over halfway paid for the mp10 plus the replacement pumps. This product to me sells its self. Hope this review helps somebody. You Tube the waves see for yourself.
  • Best equipment on my tank By Matt on 1/15/14

    Since adding an MP10 to my 29 gallon tank my corals and fish have been amazingly healthy. This is the best piece of equipment I have purchased so far. I replaced 2 small powerheads with this and there is no comparison, the MP10 blows them away easily. The choices of modes let you dial in just what you need for your tank and the size is perfect. I will buy these for any new tank I run in the future.
  • Awesome product By Andrew on 1/7/14

    This is by far one of the best purchases I have made for my tank. The different modes that you can place it in gives you the best way to make your tank happiest, however your tank is set up.
  • love it By little reef mike on 1/1/14

    i love the mp10 its small inside the tank and that was a big selling point for me. it is easy to install and works amazing so far so good.
  • Really is worth the cost! By David on 10/9/13

    This purchase was not easy to make but once I went for it I can agree with many others the price really is worth it. This thing is amazing. I wish I was rich because I'd buy lots of Ecotech products. (I may just save up and do so anyway....)

    I'm using it on a JBJ 28g Nano Cube LED - Intermediate. Plenty of flow for the whole tank!
  • Great wave maker for my RSM130 By Jim on 9/15/13

    This is a great wave maker for my RSM130. It keeps the flow moving nicely and and I am only running it at 50%. If I turn it up higher it the sand blows around. If I was to do it over again I would not go with as fine of a sand bed.
  • Don t be cheap!!! By Tom on 9/5/13

    My 36 gallon tank couldnt be happier, I had a wave maker and 2 hydor pumps but I could always hear a clicking sound when one would turn on , I traded them in for one mp10 and about 80 dollars more and couldnt be more satisfied!!!
  • Good product By Bluegrass110 on 7/27/13

    This is my second MP10 purchase, the first is just now 1 year old. These are very nice pumps and have great random flow. My first MP10 started out silent but has recently begun to whine at higher speeds, still works great though. These pumps are expensive but they have the smallest in-tank foot print of anything I have found.
  • Powerful Little Pump By Mathew on 6/24/13

    My MP10 arrived today and only took a few minutes to set up. The power from such a small pump is really impressive. It makes my Hydor Koralia 425's seem like they're barely on! Within about 20-25 minutes of opening the box I had it set up in my tank with a wave dialed in. YouTube videos of others setting it up made it really simple to figure out. Initial impression is extremely positive.

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