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Tunze Turbelle Stream 6105 Controllable (700 to 3,400)

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Tunze Turbelle Stream 6105 Controllable (700 to 3,400)

SKU: 202112
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  • Fantastic Product By ralph892 on 6/4/2014

    I replaced two MP40's with two of the 6105's. Both sets of powerbeads were connected through the Neptune Apex controller. The reason I replaced them was two fold. First was that the MP40's were really loud when I had them at 80% in ReefCrest mode and and other mode where the pumps went from like 40 to 80 over and over. Second I kept going through wet side assemblies on the MP40's.

    The 6105's are so quiet that I can hear a pin drop in my house now. It is absolutely amazing. The power that the 6105's put out is really astounding as well. The 6105's hook to the Apex differently and it may not be quite as intuitive as the MP40's but any forum has lots on it.

    I can say how long they last because they are new but since the design is inside the tank I am assuming it will be much longer then the 100.00 wet side assemblies. The 6105's are easy to hide and the noise difference is amazing.

    I will not change back I can promise that. The wave action I now get is really great. I can make my tank jump if I want it to.
  • Best pump IMO By Denise on 5/12/2014

    I have the 6105's on my 150 and my 210. I use them with controllers. They work really well. I 've had some Tunze pumps in constant use for over 5 years with no problems. I love the reliability and power. They may be more expensive to buy, but if you're in this hobby for the long haul, you will love these pumps!
  • Power and quiet By joseph on 8/10/2013

    This is one powerful pump. I just finished cleaning my rocks with the turkey baster and than along comes the Tunze 6105. Dirt coming from the rocks like they were never cleaned. I have the included wide angle shield on it and it is great. You have to hold your hand in front of it to tell if it's on. Time will tell if it stays quiet but I have faith in Tunze. You won't be sorry you investd in this.
  • Great flow By Joepat on 7/29/2013

    Great flow and real quiet. Can't wait to get another one. I had detritus coming out of the rocks and the next day the water was extra clean.
  • Powerfull By Joepat on 7/29/2013

    Installed this last week and can't believe the flow from just one pump.
    Going to order another one next week along with the controller 7096.
  • Great product By lwillis22 on 5/14/2013

    I have 2 of these on my 110 gallon reef and I love them. I also have the vortech mp40's on my 125 gallon and I think I prefer the tunze over the vortech for the easy of moving the flow where you want it and super quiet.
  • tunze By duke of Earl on 5/8/2013

    Very very pleased with this controlablek powerhead. They are just so awsome in every way. From the mount which is so easy to adjust to the ball shaped powerhead itself. Paired up with a second one and controlled by tunze 7095 I would highly recomend this prodcct to anyone.
  • Quiet By ReefDVMs on 4/30/2013

    I own mp40 before these and I love these no more clicking sounds in my living room as the pumps turn on and off, yes they take up a bigger foot print in the tank but well worth the added quietness
  • awesome pumps By chris on 4/25/2013

    I have had these pumps for years. I feel they are the best out there. Customer service is very helpful and a pleasure to talk with.
  • Easy to use, quick setup By Ryan on 11/23/2012

    These pumps are very easy to use as well as very powerful. Setup is self explanatory. I own four of them and have had nothing but problems with one. This pump would never listen to the controller. It would either stay on at full speed or shut off completely and not turn back on. After having it sent off twice now it seems to be operating correctly.

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