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Eheim Twin Auto Fish Feeder

SKU: 300211

  • Reliable But Difficult To Use By Shawn on 4/16/14

    This unit works pretty much as stated by Eheim. I can't fault them for the unit itself. Unfortunately the minimum amount of food it dispenses is close to a tablespoon per feeding which isn't an appropriate amount for mid to small sized tanks. It is also a bit difficult to program as well.

    If there were more control over the amount of food dispensed I would purchase this unit again.
  • Good unit for large tank By JTG on 4/3/14

    I have used a variety of feeding systems - most have proven very difficult to manage, especially getting to a consistent and appropriate amount of food dispensed. This unit is a material step up in that regard - consistent amount without having to complete a complete recalibration every time I reload the unit with food. That said, I doubt this unit would be appropriate for a smaller tank. In my case I have a 215 gallon show tank that is moderately populated - and it works well. but the minimum amount of food might be too much for a small (say <100 gallon) tank.
  • An update to fix problem By Big C on 11/30/11

    I tried numerous things to decrease the volume of food being fed per revolution and, with the help of a friend, figured something out. We cut pieces of thin plastic (really anything that is semi-stiff and cut-able will work) to fit flat at the bottom of the bin, just on top of the corkscrew mechanism. The spillage around the edges of this "blockage" is quite a bit less than a regular revolution without the "blockage". So now I can up the feeding by adding revolutions but one seems plenty for my 75g reef. Hope this helps. I thought the thing was pretty easy to program myself. You get up to 3 feedings per side and can set the exact time for each feeding and how many revolutions the corkscrew makes per feeding.
  • Sucks By Justin on 11/13/11

    Like Big C said, the portions are way too much (even on a sparely populated 90g). On top of that, the thing is a pain in the butt to program. Look elsewhere.
  • It works but WAY overfeeds By Big C on 10/25/11

    The feeder works but the portion size is way too much unless you have a large tank or feed alot. Otherwise you will be fighting nutrient problems continually. I contacted Eheim about this and their only reply was that you can only change the number of feedings and not the portion size. They said I should purchase the Everyday feeder! So if you have to buy an Eheim feeder, don't get this one unless you feed a lot of food!

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