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Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder

SKU: 300210

  • Must for accurate vacation feeding By David on 11/22/13

    This is a great item, I have it feed two spins at 1100, and my apex goes into feed mode a min beforehand. Just know it doesn't float and is not water proof. Ask me how I know. Yep, just ordered another one.
  • Works well By Greg on 10/22/12

    I feed Spectrum mini pellets with this feeder twice a day. I found that it has to drop the food from at least 6 inches or so or the pellets float and wind up all going down the overflow instead of sinking and getting eaten. Also, the adjustable door that regulates the amount of food dispensed has a really coarse adjustment. A piece of tape helps dial it in.
  • Works great By Earl on 9/13/12

    I have been using this feeder for well over a year. It dispenses flake food or small pellets with a consistent day to day performance. I like that the feeder timer is easy to set, up to four times a day and up to two times each feeding. It is easy to set the time and the number of times you want to feed. Easy to adjust the feeding door to set for what you are feeding.
  • Love this Feeder By Quenton on 7/13/12

    It has many feeding times
    Holds enough food
    Runs silent
    Good buy
  • I like it By David on 3/26/12

    After some adjustments, it feeds enough to sustain my fish while going away for a long weekend. I filled it with food and tested it before putting it on the tank to make sure it wasn't feeding too much and am glad I did...Easy to adjust and after reading the instructions it was easy to set the timer. The batteries have lasted about 8 months of off and on use as well.
  • Positive By radiata on 3/13/12

    Great product! I once accidentally dropped mine into the tank. I pulled it out, removed the batteries, flushed the unit with fresh tap water and let it dry out. Replaced the batteries, and it has been running ever since.
  • Works great By Ethan on 3/3/12

    Works great and I know I can rely on it when I go away for a few days. Great value for the peace of mind.
  • Perfect Auto Feeder By Brady on 9/29/11

    I wanted to make sure my fish where getting a minimum amount of food per day. This feeder was perfect for the job. It is very easy to program and adjust. Holds a large amount of food and the best thing is the food never gets wet.
  • Exactly what you need By Christopher on 2/6/11

    My fish don't need a "diet mode" or anything fancy. I want a product that reliably feeds my fish the amount that I want, when I want. That is exactly what the Eheim auto-feeder does. It's a no-frills approach to feeding, which in my experience, leads to fewer complications when things go wrong. The built-in fan keeps my food dry and fresh.

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