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Eheim Compact+ Pump 3000

SKU: 300216

  • Love this pump By William on 8/15/2014

    I bought this pump to use as a return for a 40 breeder reef system, and I couldn't be more happy with it. I highly recommend removing the sponge pre-filter if you are using this as a return pump. It will quickly get clogged with nastiness.

    It is extremely quiet. I can't even hear it unless I turn off my skimmer. Then there is just a slight hum.
  • Great Pump By Derek on 1/3/2014

    Have this set up in my sump for the return on a 700GPH overflow. Its extremely quiet and works great. I also like the fact that it has its own ball valve to dial it down if i need to.
  • Very Good Pump By Justin on 6/2/2013

    I switched to the this pump from a Mag Drive and a Quiet One. I'm really liking the Eheim. It's a bit quieter than both and love the being able to change the output of the pump when needed.
  • Not so quiet By Henry on 7/11/2012

    I thought that I would purchase this pump because I thought it was going to be significant quieter than my mag drive. But I can not tell the difference.
  • Good Pump By Henry on 7/11/2012

    I like this pump but I thought was going to be quieter that my mag drive, but I really can't tell the difference. But I like the fact that I can control the flow.
  • Good pump By Phillip on 1/29/2012

    This a very good pump. I have it on a 75 gallon freshwater. I had to dial it way down. It has a slight hum but very little noise. The pump has a beneficial output dial so you don't need a valve.

    I am looking to get a couple more for my 120 gallon SW.

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