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Eheim Compact Pump 300 Packaging
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  • Eheim Compact Pump 300 Packaging
  • Eheim Compact Pump 300

Eheim Compact Pump 300

SKU: 300212

  • Good pump, not a work horse By spankme on 3/31/14

    A little underpowered for what I wanted it for- water changes. It works great to drop in a bucket and let it run to dissolve the salt, but won't overcome a head of 20 inches.... I should have spent a little more but I wasn't looking for the higher flowrates.
  • Small size and small flow By Adam on 2/21/14

    I should have picked up a larger model but if you are looking for small form factor this is your guy. Can't fault the product for my purchasing decisions.
  • Worked well for about a month then stopped working. By PhoenixOne on 1/29/14

    I brought 3 of these pumps(1 from another vendor). One I used immediately and the other 2 I saved as a backup. One failed after about a month of use. I checked the impeller, checked the cable, checked the outlet. I visually saw nothing wrong. I used one of the backup 300 pumps and a little less than a month later, it also failed. Again I checked the pump and nothing visually wrong with it. It just stopped working. And last, I started using the 2 backup and it also failed after 2 weeks. I have an Ehiem 600 and Ehiem 1260 and they're still working with no problems.
  • awesome little pump! By Matthew on 2/2/12

    These are so awesome, I have two of them. One is for flow in my 10G quarantine and to help agitate the surface.

    The other is used to drain water from my sump for water changes. It is able to get up the 14" (head height) to pump out and over and then through my wall and down the drain. Very reliable and decent flow.
  • Perfect mixer By Carveth on 12/2/11

    My experience with Ehiem is they are quality. I bought this one for I wanted a low flow pump to put in my saltwater replacement tank to keep it mixed up. I just wanted it to keep it stirred up and not the blast of a regular power head.
  • Power Sipper By Brian on 9/20/11

    I needed a pump to circulate my salt water mixing tank, which is a 55 gallon drum. There are several options. This pump is my favorite because it delivers Eheim quality with a phenomenal power impact. Only 4 Watts! You'd think it was LED powered with such a small footprint. It's important to me to minimize my power bill while choosing quality components. Eheim pumps fit the bill on both quality and responsible power use. Other well known brands use as much as twice the power which runs up the cost over 3 years by a staggering amount.

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